BHI Alumni Association Henan Branch was Established Officially

    On May 29th, BHI Alumni Association Henan Branch was officially established in Zhengzhou.The activity has received strong response from members of Henan Branch, as well as the strong support from school leaders and alumni outside Henan.

    The event was organized by Yang Qi, a BHI alumnus of Class 2017, president of Henan Branch of BHI Alumni Association, and director of Teaching Affairs Department of Henan Jianye Vocational Education. Yao Ying, head of BHI Alumni Association, and Wang Wentao, a teacher from Career Center, attended the event and sent best wishes to the alumni there on behalf of BHI.


Participants took a group photo of with artworks about BHI Alumni Association



    The establishment of Henan Branch was concerned closely by BHI leaders and alumni. Dr. Gao Songtao, president of BHI, Zhang Huailin, vice president of BHI, Shi Jingying, director of Career Center, and some of the alumni who were not present at the site, sent their best wishes through video. Vice president Zhang Huailin also wrote a calligraphy work “Inherit the spirit of BHI, enjoy happy life and work” and gifted it to the alumni of Henan Branch.

Yao Ying (right), head of BHI Alumni Association, and Yang Qi, alumnus of the class of 2017 and president of Henan Branch 
Presentation of the calligraphy work of BHI vice president Zhang Huailin
Alumni’s sharing

Yang Qi, class of 2017 
Director of Teaching Affairs Department of Henan Jianye Vocational Education 
    “BHI has helped me change my role from a ‘student’ to a ‘teacher’ and made me truly feel the sanctity and responsibility of this profession. The "cultivating" talent training model, the concept of "combining knowledge with practice, applying knowledge to application", and the core values of BHI "respect, professionalism and responsibility" have played a huge role in my career development.”

Wang Yuxi, Class of 2018
General manager of CHAO Hotel

    “It's been three years since I graduated from BHI. I really miss my time there. Even after graduation, I still remember our school motto of "combining knowledge with practice, applying knowledge to application". The development of the hotel industry in Henan is still at an exploratory stage, so the professional knowledge I learned in BHI has been a great help to my career development now.”
Zhao Haomiao, class of 2017
Director of Marketing Communications, Yurun Hotel Management Group
    “First I would like to express my gratitude to BHI. The teaching method of BHI “combining knowledge with practice” has given me a very good start to my career development. I would like to say to all BHI alumni and students: in work, we not only need to be serious and responsible, but also need to continue learning and face up to difficulties; we need to have clear goals, seize opportunities, because more often choice is greater than effort.”
Zhang Yawu, Class of 2016
Branch Manager of Weishi Heyi Village Bank, Kaifeng, Henan Province 
    “After graduation, we got on separate ways to develop in different industries and fields, but as we have personal experience and in-depth understanding of ‘five-star top service’, I believe BHI students are quite competitive in all walks of life.”

Hu Xuefei, class of 2017
Marketing Director of Beijing Weide Shengkun Technology Co., Ltd. 
    “It’s been four years since I left the campus. Although I always joke that I’m a “drifter in Beijing” for eight years, I never felt lonely, because no matter whether I am in school or not, BHI has done the utmost to care us. Many of my friends I haven’t seen for many years have got rid of their childishness and become more elegant and generous in conversation.”

Dong Boyu, Class of 2020
Private owner of Nanyang International Hotel, Henan Province
    “After stepping out of the campus, the subtle changes brought to us by BHI gradually showed advantages. On our career paths, keep the good habits cultivated in BHI, I believe everyone will be better and better!”

Communication of on-site alumni 






    The carefully arranged venue provided a good communication environment for the alumni. Everyone spoke freely, chatted with friends, discussed with outstanding alumni in different fields, and talked about the possibility of future cooperation. The whole venue was filled with laughter.
The alumni took a group photo

    Led by Yang Qi, president of Henan Branch of BHI Alumni and director of Teaching Departmen of Henan Jianye Vocational Education, the participants visited the sites for practice in Henan Jianye Vocational Education School.



    The establishment of Henan Branch of BHI Alumni Association will not only keep the alumni in Henan close contact with BHI, but will also enhance the influence of BHI in Henan Province. It’s believed that with alumni branch as the hub, BHI alumni can connect and gather each other and BHI Alumni Association will be more influential!

Text: Yang Shanglin, Class of 2023

Photo: BHI Alumni Association

Video: Liu Menghan, Class of 2024

Audit: Yao Ying, BHI Alumni Association 

Edition: Gong Yushu, Class of 2023

            Gao Yan, Meng Huanyu, News Center

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