Full of Real Stuff and Wonderful Scenes | BHI 2022 Freshmen Orientation Program Ended

In order to help the freshmen of Class 2022 quickly complete the role transition from senior high school students to college students, comprehensively and systematically know about BHI, and develop good behavior and learning habits, BHI prepared a weeklong orientation program for them, which was full of real stuff and wonderful scenes.

On September 5th, Fan Huan, the director of the Campus Culture Construction Office, started the first lecture for all the freshmen, and gave them a systematic explanation on the cultural etiquette and code of conduct of BHI.

Fan Huan, the director of Campus Culture Construction Office, explained the daily dressing code and behavior norms.

Display of the Dandelions   

Dr. Gao Songtao, president of BHI

On September 6th, Dr. Gao Songtao, president of BHI, made a rich orientation lecture to the freshmen of Class 2022. He welcomed the freshmen to join BHI and praised their good spirit.  

Zhang Hualin, vice president of BHI

On September 6th , Zhang Huailin, vice president of BHI, presented the unique ideal and belief education to the freshmen with the theme of “Youth and Responsibility in the New Era”. 

Ma Fei, general manager of HUALUXE Beijing Xinan   

On September 7th, Mr. Ma Fei, general manager of HUALUXE Beijing Xinan, gave a special lecture to the students with the theme of “Viewing the learning and practice of hospitality management courses from the perspective of general manager of the hotel”.

In order to help the new students of Class 2022 have a more comprehensive understanding of BHI’s curriculum, Yu Weimin, vice dean of the Academic Affairs Department, and the teacher representatives of the teacher offices, made a detailed introduction to them about the talent training program of each major of BHI, which might favor the students to enter the learning state quickly. 

Yu Weimin, vice dean of Academic Affairs Department, introduced the BHI’s characteristic practical courses.   

Yu Tao, a teacher from the Marketing and Strategy Office , introduced the training program of hotel management majors.
Jiang Jiagang, a teacher from Foreign Language Office, introduced the talent training program for hotel management majors (International Program).  

Xu Shanshan, a teacher from Finance and Investment Office, introduced the training program for financial management majors . 

She Lirong, a teacher from Human Resource Management Office, introduced the talent training program for human resource management majors. 
Yang Fan, a teacher from Marketing and Strategy Office, introduced the training program for marketing management majors. 
Xu Yan, a teacher from the Health Service and Management Office, introduced the training program for health service and management majors 

Zhang Shuai, a teacher from Health and Fitness Office, presented a lecture about nutrition and health of college students from the perspective of sports.  

Hu Xiuying, director of the International Exchange Center, introduced the international exchanges of BHI to the students of Class 2022 around the theme of “See the World, See the Future”.  The overseas study stories of outstanding alumni interspersed with more than 30 universities in more than 10 countries and regions with their own characteristics, vividly drawing a blueprint of overseas exchange from planning to preparation, from application to graduation. 

Shi Jingying, director of the Career Center, introduced the current status about the internship, employment and Alumni Association of BHI to the freshmen around the theme  “Different Internship and Employment in BHI”. She introduced that BHI has set internship and employment bases in more than 130 international high-end hotels and more than 50 international high-end brands in pan-service industry , which can comprehensively improve the employment quality of graduates.  

Absorbed students   

After the orientation, students will start a new journey!  

Wish all of them work hard to build a splendid future! 

©2015 Beijing Hospitality Institute