Cross-Cultural Exchange: Teachers and Students from Victor Hugo French School , Marrakech, Morocco, Visit

On March 1st, a group of over twenty teachers and students from the Victor Hugo French High School in Marrakech, Morocco, visited Beijing Hospitality Institute for an engaging cultural exchange activity. This was not only a unique cultural experience but also an excellent opportunity to deepen mutual understanding.

During the welcome ceremony, Dr. Gao Songtao, the Dean of Beijing Hospitality Institute, warmly welcomed everyone. Ms. Hu Xiuying, the Director of the International Exchange Center, introduced the educational philosophy, faculty strength, and distinctive curriculum of Beijing Hospitality Institute to the teachers and students from the Victor Hugo French High School in Marrakech, Morocco. They showed strong interest in the educational philosophy and teaching methods of the institute and were eager to explore and experience various teaching facilities.


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Arriving BHI

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Round-table Discussion

Teachers and students from the Victor Hugo French High School in Marrakech, Morocco, experienced a special Chinese cuisine cooking class. Under the guidance of professional teachers, the students learned about spring rolls and related food knowledge for the first time and actively participated in making spring rolls. While tasting the finished products, they also discussed their respective experiences. The teachers and students showed great interest in Chinese food culture and actively exchanged ideas with the professional teachers at Beijing Hospitality Institute about the food cultures of both countries. This special course on Chinese cuisine enabled them to acquire new skills and gain a deeper understanding of the unique charm of Chinese culture.

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Instruction on Culinary Culture and Production Knowledge



Hands-on Practice Session

Beijing Hospitality Institute's teachers and students also led the guests on a comprehensive tour of various teaching facilities. From the Wellness Centre to the Western restaurant, from the lobby of the teaching hotel to the wine and cigar bar, they experienced the unique charm of Beijing Hospitality Institute's practical teaching facilities. By visiting places like the wine-tasting classroom and the coffee laboratory, the students gained a deeper understanding of the diversity and professionalism of hotel management. While observing the campus bulletin boards and alumni walls, the guests further appreciated Beijing Hospitality Institute's campus culture and admired the spirit of pursuing excellence demonstrated by its teachers and students.

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Campus Visit

As the event drew to a close, teachers and students from both schools gathered for a group photo in front of the library. Beijing Hospitality Institute's teachers and student volunteers warmly bid farewell to their guests and offered their best wishes. The leading teacher from Victor Hugo French High School in Marrakech expressed that they would bring back this valuable cultural experience to share with more students at home, igniting further interest and admiration for Beijing Hospitality Institute's culture. They eagerly anticipate more opportunities to visit Beijing Hospitality Institute in the future, to continue exploring the charm of its culture and broaden their international perspectives.

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This cross-cultural exchange between Beijing Hospitality Institute and Victor Hugo French High School in Marrakech has laid a solid foundation for closer cooperation between the two institutions. It not only provides an opportunity for cultural integration but also serves as the cornerstone for building a strong partnership. Through this exchange, both schools aim to create a vibrant platform to facilitate enduring interaction and foster understanding and respect among students from different cultural backgrounds. Teachers from Victor Hugo French High School in Marrakech actively encourage their students to learn Chinese, hoping that they will have the opportunity to explore the charm of Beijing Hospitality Institute's culture in the future. They also look forward to deepening and diversifying cooperation between the two institutions in the field of international education exchange.

Beijing Hospitality Institute will continue to uphold the principles of inclusiveness, openness, and cooperation in international exchanges, further enhancing the breadth and depth of cross-cultural communication. This will create an international teaching atmosphere for all teachers and students and lay a solid foundation for cultivating top-notch international talents in hotel management.

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