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Student Interviews

Hello everyone, greetings!

Now it's time for student interviews at Beijing Hospitality Institute.

The topic for this issue is:

#Transformation is the Necessary Path to Growth#

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New environment shapes a new self

@Xu Ziyue

Major: Hotel Management

High School: The 15th Middle School of Langfang City, Hebei Province

The most unforgettable experience for me after coming to Beijing Hospitality Institute was becoming the host of the Hogwarts Music Festival. This event challenged me in a new field, making me more confident and brave to show myself and express my opinions without hesitation in large-scale activities. From the nervousness gripping my palms before going on stage to the calmness after seeing the encouragement from my classmates and friends, I successfully completed my first hosting job. The process from fear to confidence only requires a brave start, and this is the biggest reward for me in this hosting experience!

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Integrating theory with practice, applying knowledge to action

@Wang Tianzi

Major: Hotel Management

High School: Shanghai Wujian High School

On August 20, 2023, accompanied by my parents, I bid farewell to my hometown and arrived at Beijing Hospitality Institute. Here, I met many senior students who warmly helped me and patiently explained things to me. Their support made me feel relieved instantly, and I gradually began to experience endless luck and joy in campus life.

During the first semester of my freshman year, I participated in practical courses, bustling about on my own position every day, striving to be as professional as the senior students. Amidst the busy schedule, I gained a lot and also honed many skills that I had never learned before. The realistic teaching model at Beijing Hospitality Institute truly possesses a unique charm.

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Meeting friends with wine, chasing dreams by the sea

@Shi Wei

Major: Hotel Management

High School: Jiangsu Hanjiang Middle School

The enriching and busy military training and classroom activities made me feel the romance and diversity of university life. As the military training came to an end, I entered practical courses. My first practical course was cocktail mixing. Mixing cocktails is an art, similar to my proficiency in calligraphy, it involves various skills and theoretical knowledge. Mixing drinks combines technique and creativity. By deeply understanding and applying raw materials, as well as continuous innovation, a bartender can create amazing works. As a bartender, one not only pursues excellence in taste and aroma but also provides a unique experience, making an ordinary drink and tasting process "stand out from the crowd".

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Self-transformation leads to the future

@Zhao Mingchuan

Major: Hotel Management

High School: Chaoyang School, the First Affiliated Middle School of Huazhong Normal University, Beijing

After the college entrance examination, filled with anticipation and curiosity, I stepped into university life. Unlike high school, there are no fixed classrooms here, and the schedule is not as packed. The pace of life suddenly slowed down, giving me more time to discover the beauty of life that I had never seriously felt before. The hotel management major is different from other majors. The courses are more comprehensive and emphasize practicality. Being in Beijing Hospitality Institute, renowned as the "Huangpu Military Academy" of the hotel industry, I need to improve myself even more. On the first day of school, I participated in the freshman welcoming activities, ran for class committee positions, joined the student union, and participated in large-scale events such as FHS... I learned a lot from them. The professional courses also embody the concept of "integrating theory with practice, applying knowledge to action", promoting personalized development of students. I believe that after systematic learning, we will definitely become the future stars of the hotel industry.

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Remembering the grace of the nation, advancing with faith

@Yang Zhixiang

Major: Hotel Management (International Program)

High School: The Seventh Middle School of Beijing

Time flies by like a galloping horse, and in the blink of an eye, our identities have transitioned from youthful high school students to flourishing university students. In this vibrant month of September, I saw the theme of "Stars Aligning, Tribute to the Motherland" for the National Day essay competition. I think it's time to give a gift to my university life and also to present a gift to our motherland on its 74th birthday.

This event holds special significance for me. It planted a seed of wheat and gears in my heart, igniting my passion for building our country. Harmonizing with the mountains and rivers, dancing with the times.

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