10 major industries, more than 2600 job positions: The Class of 2024 at BHI are determined to win at the starting line!

Spring Job Fair for the Class of 2024


On April 2nd, the Beijing Hospitality Institute successfully held the Spring Job Fair for the Class of 2024. This job fair invited 181 companies from across the country, covering 10 major categories including hotels, finance, luxury goods, trade, real estate, high-end properties, upscale dining, health industry, amusement parks, and media. A total of over 2600 job positions were provided for the students of the Class of 2024 at BHI. Additionally, some companies also offered on-site management trainee programs for the students at BHI.


Industrial Exchanges


Inviting Industry Experts to Classrooms

The career development of BHI students relies on the support of leading enterprises from various industries, and it is crucial to have experienced executives with rich professional experience come to classrooms to share the latest industry insights and teach frontline expertise. On the day of the job fair, Vice Dean Zhang Huailin of Beijing Hospitality Institute awarded honorary professorship certificates to some industry executives.


Zhang Huailin presenting an honorary professorship certificate to Liu Haoran (first from the left), General Manager of Hilton Group's Beijing and Hebei Region Hotels, and General Manager of Beijing Wangfujing Hilton Hotel.


Zhang Huailin presenting an honorary professorship certificate to William Latour (left), General Manager of CHAO Hotel in Sanlitun, Beijing.


Zhang Huailin presenting an honorary professorship certificate to Alfonso Orona (left), General Manager of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Beijing, China World Trade Center.


Zhang Huailin presenting an honorary professorship certificate to Yang Tingting (left), General Manager of Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Beijing.


Zhang Huailin presenting an honorary professorship certificate to Zhang Zhiqi (left), Founder and Chairman of Beijing Tai Mei Hao Health Management Co., Ltd.

BHI students are confidently embracing challenges!

Setting out on a new journey this spring, hand in hand towards employment. Everyone is stepping forward with determination to seek their desired job positions. Let's witness a mutual journey of talent and opportunity, like the legendary meeting of the "thousand-mile horse" and "Bo Le".




Vice Dean Zhang Huailin of Beijing Hospitality Institute, along with other department heads, professional teachers, and counselors, are also present at the scene. They are cheering on and supporting the students, answering questions, and actively engaging with representatives from companies to understand what employers are looking for in candidates.



Job Fair





In Their Words

At this recruitment fair, most recent graduates are interested in positions that align with their studied majors. However, there are also some students who are willing to challenge themselves by exploring opportunities in different types of companies, all in the pursuit of finding a position that truly suits them.

Hilton Hotel in Beijing Daxing


As the head of the hotel's human resources department, I believe that working in the hotel industry requires passion. It is through love that we dedicate ourselves and immerse ourselves in our work. With this attitude, we can strive harder towards our goals. The primary goal of the hotel industry is to convey our enthusiasm to customers. Only when we love this industry can we provide high-quality services and offer guests a premium experience.

I believe that Chinese and Swiss students demonstrate outstanding performance in the workplace because they actively engage in practical experiences during their learning process, which enhances their practical skills. Additionally, Chinese and Swiss students excel in business English proficiency and are eager to communicate with foreign guests, showcasing their confidence and charm.

I hope that emerging managers entering the workforce can bring vitality to this industry and inspire us with new ideas. Let's work together to continuously improve and strengthen this industry!

Huaxi Securities


"We hope to discover students on campus who have experience working in the financial or service industry, and we also aim to identify outstanding talents who are highly compatible with the financial service industry.

We encourage students majoring in Chinese and Swiss finance to engage in more social practical activities. For recent graduates, lacking soft skills honed through practical experience will undoubtedly lead to significant job search pressure. From entering university to transitioning into the workforce after graduation, this period provides students with ample opportunities to utilize internships, solidify knowledge, strengthen skills, and make themselves more competitive."

Wang Xinyao, Financial Management Class of 2024


I have interviewed with three companies so far, and the position I am most interested in is a sales position for long-term rental housing business at Shanghai Fangyu Group. I had previous exposure to similar business during my internship, and I have grown in areas such as external communication and guest relationship management. I believe that the generalized service industry is a sector where challenges and opportunities coexist, allowing us newcomers to make rapid progress.

Both recent graduates and companies have gained something from this job fair. I hope that recent graduates can find the most suitable job for themselves, enter a new stage of life with passion and energy, patiently cultivate themselves, and become the backbone of the industry.

Born extraordinary, I believe that the 2020 Chinese and Swiss students will definitely excel in various industries and dominate the scene!

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