BHI International Exchange | "Wishes Come True" – Massey University Visits BHI Again to Discuss Deep Cooperation Matters

On April 24th, Professor Jo Cullinane, Vice Dean of the Business School at Messi University, and Dr. Jeffrey Stangl, Vice Dean of International Cooperation, visited the BHI Hotel Management School once again, initiating a relaxed and enjoyable exchange journey.


Professor Jo Cullinane, Dr. Jeffrey Stangl, with BHI Students

Warm welcome


Students present fresh flowers to the guests.

The BHI faculty and students warmly welcome the delegation from Messi University. Professor Jo Cullinane and Dr. Jeffrey Stangl felt honored in the face of the enthusiastic students, expressing deep gratitude for the sincere and thoughtful reception by the BHI students. Dr. Gao Songtao, Dean of the BHI Hotel Management School, Xu Longyang, Director of the Academic Affairs Department, and Sun Qiao, Director of the Enrollment Affairs Department, also extended a warm welcome to the delegation from Messi University.


During the experience of the BHI students' Western dining service, the delegation from Messi University expressed their appreciation for the services provided by the students and highly praised the educational concept of combining theory and practice at BHI. Whether it was the attention to detail in table service or the wealth of knowledge and adaptability demonstrated in communication, the BHI students exhibited a high level of professionalism. The delegation's high recognition of the students' professionalism brought great encouragement to the BHI students.

Exchanges in the Classrooms

The delegation from Messi University and students from the 2023 International Classes of Finance Management and Finance Studies engaged in an exciting student exchange activity in classroom 1124. During the event, Professor Jo Cullinane and Dr. Jeffrey Stangl vividly introduced the history and professional characteristics of Messi University to the students, sparking a strong interest among the students for international academic exchanges.


The delegation introduced the educational history and professional characteristics of Massey University.



The students actively engaged and raised numerous questions. Professor Jo Cullinane and Dr. Jeffrey Stangl patiently answered the questions, guiding the students to think deeper and showcasing Messi University's outstanding strength and educational philosophy in the international education field. After the session, a student named Wang Yixiong from the 2023 Human Resource Management program personally presented a hand-written Chinese folding fan as a welcome gesture to the delegation.


The students presented the delegation with a folding fan as a gift.

During the exchange discussion, the delegation from Messi University engaged in in-depth discussions with Dr. Gao Songtao, the Dean of BHI Hotel Management School, Mr. Xu Longyang, Director of Academic Affairs, Mr. Ma Xingdong, Director of the International Education Office, and Ms. Hu Xiuying, Director of the International Exchange Center. Mr. Ma Xingdong introduced the internationalization strategy of BHI, while Dr. Gao Songtao personally presented Professor Jo Cullinane and Dr. Jeffrey Stangl with certificates appointing them as visiting professors and strategic partnership trophies, demonstrating a high level of appreciation and recognition for the cooperation between the two institutions.



Discussions and Exchanges

Campus Tour

At the Regal Restaurant, Professor Jo Cullinane and Dr. Jeffrey Stangl commended the dining environment and marketing creativity of the students, further praising the educational philosophy and academic standards of the BHI Hotel Management School.


Visiting the Facilities

Earnest Wishes

During the interview with the students of BHI, the delegation sincerely offered development suggestions to the students. They also wrote messages of encouragement, urging the students to strive for success in the international learning environment, bravely explore their potential and interests, believe in their abilities, and continuously challenge themselves.



Message to BHI

This exchange activity not only deepened the friendship and cooperation between the two schools but also laid a solid foundation for future collaboration. Both sides will continue to strengthen cooperation, explore more cooperation opportunities together, and create a broader platform for students' learning and development.

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