Hot News | On the Sweet Garden Road, Let's Meet Again - 2024 BHI Alumni Reunion at the School!

Let's Meet Again on the Tianyuan Road

2024 BHI Alumni Reunion

On May 24th, the "Let’s Meet Again on the Tianyuan Road - 2024 BHI Alumni Reunion" was successfully held at the Beijing Hospitality Institute, with nearly a hundred alumni in attendance. Dr. Gao Songtao, the Dean of the Beijing Hospitality Institute, Vice Dean Zhang Huailin, Minister of Career Development Department Guo Ruihuan, all teachers from the Internship and Career Guidance Center, and the most popular teachers voted by the alumni, gathered together to reconnect with the alumni and reminisce about the bond between teachers and students.

The scene of the gathering



Address by Zhang Huailin, Vice President of the Beijing Hospitality Institute


Taking a Selfie with My University Counsel


Company Presentation by 2013 Alumni Ma ruidan


Company Presentation by 2014 Alumni Fu Chaoye


Presentation of 2015 Alumni Jin Yi, President of BHI Alumni Association

During the gathering, alumni shared their entrepreneurial and employment stories, along with their fond memories of BHI. Accompanied by volunteer explanations, they visited the school's new facilities and changes. They once again experienced the "BHI flavors" at the Rui Ge Restaurant, raising a glass in celebration with old classmates, friends, and mentors!

Campus Tour / Lunch





2017 Alumni Li Guoning (Left) and 2022 Financial Management Wang Jie

Singing the chorus of "You at the Same Table"


2022 Financial Management Wang Fei Left), 2020 Alumni Zhou Jiafan

Co-hosting the event together


 Address by 2014 Alumni Zhou Ye


Address by Dr. Gao Songtao, President of Beijing Hospitality Institute


Toasting Together


Time does not age, and we shall not part ways. The alumni gathering has drawn to a splendid close. For further captivating moments, do keep an eye out for the detailed report on the school's official WeChat public account.

May all the alumni carry the blessings of our alma mater, chase their dreams with determination, and make the most of their youth. Let's meet again at an even higher peak in the future!

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