Youth is an irreversible adventure

In Switzerland, the ten days felt like a dream. One moment, you were at the United Nations headquarters as seen on the news, the next, you were standing in the ski enthusiast's paradise - Glacier 3000, overlooking the snowy landscape. And then, you were sitting in Princess Sissi's palace witnessing the changing clouds... In the heart of Europe, a study tour group composed of Chinese and Swiss teachers and students walked through the past, present, and future of hotel management, explored the frontiers of finance, politics, and precision manufacturing, and completed a ten-day dreamlike study tour.

In-depth exploration of the hospitality industry

Stepping into the top-ranking SEG Swiss Education Group, the study tour group engaged in in-depth discussions with industry elites and scholars, gaining insights into the latest research findings and professional content in the hospitality and service industries. This experience provided them with a clearer understanding of the global trends in the hospitality industry.



Personal experience of "diversity."

Strolling along the shores of Lake Geneva, climbing glaciers, tasting chocolate, experiencing the solemnity of the United Nations headquarters, exploring the ancient atmosphere of Zurich, visiting the picturesque town of Yvoire in France, and more - while encountering the beautiful scenery of Switzerland, the study tour group also experienced the joy of cultural exchange.

Member of the study tour group, Song Bosun, shared that the leisurely lifestyle and warm and friendly local people here made him feel that this trip is a precious treasure in his life.

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Innovative foreign classrooms

In addition to hotel management courses, students also participated in specialized courses in the luxury goods management, hospitality design, and chocolate making fields within the broader service industry. Teachers from different cultural backgrounds used innovative teaching methods and content to help students hone their problem-solving skills and stimulate innovative thinking.

Study tour member Cai Yuqi believed that as the group leader, he also experienced an enhancement in his team leadership skills. From organizing group members to completing group presentations, every aspect was challenging yet rewarding.


Global competence gains

This study tour not only left valuable memories for the students but also laid the foundation for their future life choices. Global competence is the ability for individuals to effectively learn, work, and interact with others in a diverse and multicultural environment. The study tour, as a journey providing a diverse and multicultural environment, undoubtedly helped teachers and students improve their global competence in a short period of time, achieve comprehensive personal growth, and lay a solid foundation for their future careers on the international stage.

Study tour member Huang Yiyun summarized this trip, saying: "Being in a foreign environment, immersing myself in a whole new world, undoubtedly brings me some shocks and makes me realize that there is still a gap between myself and an ideal self. But the study tour also taught me how to face these shocks, how to accept my shortcomings. This brief 'escape' is a resting place for me, who has always been moving forward, and a refueling station for me to continue the journey. After packing our bags, let's set off again!

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