Notice on activities registration of Staff Interest Clubs for Rui Yue Growing Seasons

Dear all,

After the first pilot activity of Staff Interest Cubs, according to the feedback of Trade Union groups, we hereby inform the activities arrangements of Staff Interest Cubs in this semester as follows:

  There will be three club activities to be held on November 4th, November 21st and December 11th respectively.
  Each faculty member who is not scheduled to work on that day must participate in the club activity and sign in as part of the attendance.
  On the basis of soliciting opinions of Trade Union groups, the number of clubs shall be increased to ten. Each faculty member may choose one of them and participate in three consecutive activities. (Clubs with more than 10 members can officially carry out activities, and those with less than 10 members will be transferred to other clubs.)
  The activity will be held from 2pm to 3.30pm on that day.
  Please complete the selection of the club by the DingTalk form before 2pm on October 31.

Warmly welcome everyone to participate and give suggestions and comments on the club activities!

Labor Union Office

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