Notice on International Worker’s Day Arrangements

Dear all,
According to the holiday arrangements notification delivered by the State Council of the People's Republic of China and BHI's teaching plan, International Worker’s Day arrangements are as follows:

1. Vacation from 1 May to 5 May, 2021, the classes on 4 and 5 May would be re-scheduled on 25 April and 8 May. 
2. The library opens during the vacation. Open hour: 10:30am-22:30pm.
3. All departments should follow:
(1) All staff members shall leave Beijing after reporting the schedule to the department in advance. 
(2) Students shall leave the campus during the holiday with report in advance. 
(3) All teachers and students will be strictly prohibited from going abroad during the holiday, including going to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.
(4) All teachers and students should pay attention to safety, hygiene and epidemic prevention during the holiday.

Academic Affairs Department

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