Notice on the Arrangement for 2022 National Day Holiday and Adjustment of Related Teaching Work

All departments:  

According to the instructions issued by the leading group of Beijing education system novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention about the epidemic prevention and control work during the National Day Holiday, to reduce the risk of dispersion flow during the holiday period between teachers and students, and prepare for the possible repeatedly outbreak of the epidemic in autumn and winter, based on the overall work arrangements, the adjustments around the 2022 National Day Holiday and the teaching work of this semester are arranged as follows:

I. The National Day Holiday time is adjusted to 2 days, from October 1st to 2nd . Normal classes should be continued from October 3rd.   

II. The teaching schedule of this semester will be shifted one week earlier , and the winter vacation time will be shifted one week earlier accordingly.  

III. Requirements for epidemic prevention and control during holiday are as follows:

1. All departments should continue strictly implementing the epidemic prevention and control work during the holiday, strictly fulfill the related duties, adhere to continuous prevention and control work without no reduction in work force, and timely implement all the prevention and control measures. In case of emergencies, report in time and dispose properly in strict accordance with the regulations.  

2. All departments should adhere to the regime of teachers’ and students’ health monitoring, “daily report”and “zero report” , dynamically and accurately grasp the health status and travel directions of teachers and students, and ensure that the number of students staying in school, the travel path of those leaving school and other health management information are completely clear.

3. Continue strictly implementing the policy of“no leaving school unless necessary”and “no leaving Beijing unless necessary.”All staff should actively cooperate with epidemic prevention and control work and do a good job of personal protection. Wear masks in a scientific and standardized manner, wash hands and ventilate rooms frequently, do not crowd or gather, and maintain safe social distancing. Do not participate in dinner parties or gathering activities. Do a good job of monitoring and reporting the health of individual family members and co-residents. If there is any abnormal physical condition or other abnormal conditions, report to school in time and see a doctor immediately. 

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