A Word from Founders & President

Message from the Chairman of the Board

Prof.GAN Lian Fang,
Founder of BHI

Dr.Li Bo Tan,
Founder of BHI

Founder of BHI

My hope is BHI becomes an application-based university with honesty and integrity, discipline and equality, unique characteristics, achieving recognition of the industry, adored by the teachers and students, and gaining satisfaction of the parents, thereby being the cradle for senior hotel management talent of China. Through cultivating students' character and work ethic, BHI is expected to become the cradle of the senior management personnel for hospitality and other service industry in China, as well as the world.

Dr. LI Bo Tan

Message from the President

Running a school is a matter of conscience. It is not only our duty but also our mission to care for the students, help and cultivate them.

Dr. GAO Song Tao
President of BHI
President of Hospitality Institute of Sanya

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