If I was to become the General Manager of a hotel, this is how I would organize my ‘Dream Team’

I would like to invite the distinguished representative, Mr. Yang taotao, to take the position of Director of Rooms. Mr Yang has gained many years’ experience in room management with Starwood, Marriott and other five star hotels. He is very experienced in professional service skills and has rich knowledge of management techniques. The experience Mr. Yang has gained in Room Service will create an innovative experience for all of our guests.

BHI Teaching Hotel:
Mr. Yu tao was formerly the Head of Human Resources at Jianguo Hotel, Park Hyatt and Gloria Plaza Hotel. He would be the best choice for the Human Resources Director. He possesses great patience and a sense of humor. He has the ability to recognize talents and know how to delegate. Mr. Yu has strong people management skills. He will recruit the best possible team members to create an efficient working environment.


Mr. Zhong ziwen is an outstanding hospitality management teacher. He has rich experience in financial management at five hotels in the Inter-continental, and Accor Group. He would be an ideal choice for Finance Director.

Mr. Wang yu, another BHI shining light, has more than 10 years experience at the Shangri-La Group. He would be the best choice for manager of the Chinese restaurant.

Mr. Cui chao graduated from the University Birmingham. He majored in tourist and hospitality management. During his career, Mr Cui has been employed in the Universal Orlando Leisure Complex and the Four Seasons Hotel Group. He has rich experience in operating restaurants .He would be my perfect manager for the Western Restaurant.

The best candidate for Executive Chef is definitely Yu chenhui. With his magic hands, basic ingredients turn into a work of art. ‘If you want to keep your guests’ heart, you need to attract their stomach first’ this is the secret to operating a restaurant.


All of the people mentioned above are our teachers and masters. They not only give us knowledge and work experience but also how to be a good person. One day, if I had a hotel, I would come back to our school to hire such talents. As is often said, “A man always needs to keep a dream.
If you can dream it, you can do it”!

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