Enjoy Your Life and Relax Your Body and Mind, Beijing Hospitality Institute is Different at the Sports Meeting

    The Tenth Sports Meeting of Beijing Hospitality Institute Opening Ceremony - “Rui Yue” Growing Season launching ceremony officially started at 8:00 am on May 7th. 

About “Rui Yue” 
    As commented by president Gao Songtao, every teacher and student of Beijing Hospitality Institute should have one hobby and a sports activity. The implication of ‘Rui Yue” was the expectation that all teachers and students could enjoy happy time at learning and work in Beijing Hospitality Institute. During “Rui Yue” Growing Season activity, various interest or sports clubs were organized to gather like-minded teachers and students, and turned everyone alive for the event! 
    Within one hour, Beijing Hospitality Institute students’ moments were flooded by the following two photos. 



    Presidents of universities often delivered a speech, and you might never see a president like ours who wore the tights to show his muscles and performed a song and dance for students today!

    He was our honorable president of Beijing Hospitality Institute ! Students who often went to the gymnasium certainly saw our president before. His bonny figure, strong abdominal muscle and changeless face was the envy of students all. Our president was the best spokesperson of the sports meeting. Unique Beijing Hospitality Institute and unique president! 
    Next, you may follow me to see the differences of Beijing Hospitality Institute’s sports meeting.
Opening Ceremony, splendid square array performance

    Beijing Hospitality Institute national flag bearers accustomed to formal wear seemed enthusiastic today.




National Flag and School Flag Square Array 

    Each square array tried all means to catch eyes and created surprise in dress and performance.





Creative Tutor Square Array

    The launch of  “Rui Yue” Growing Season meant more interests and hobbies besides sports. Every member of Beijing Hospitality Institute could join in the club that he or she was interested in and worked hard and played harder with partners! 


Magnolia Tree Symbolizing  “Rui Yue” Growing Season Grown by Teachers and Students

    Some new clubs appeared at “Rui Yue” Growing Season launching ceremony:


Dance Club


Sports Club Endorsed by President Gao Songtao 


Beijing Hospitality Institute Focus Figure Mr V Performed the Rap Song, One Day in BHI


Fight Club

    Different Surprise Made by the Colorful Firework Popular  


Sports Field 

    Just took off the formal dress and wore the sportswear. You could rarely see different clothing styles here today. 
    Fair ladies and gentlemen used to be dressed in formal dress all wore the sportswear today and they were the most beautiful scenery on the sports field. 




Students in sports were so amazing! 

    Never looked and held back. Our teachers were different today! 
    Could teachers just be organizers and referees at sports meeting? This was not the case in Beijing Hospitality Institute! Both teachers and students joined in the event. It was also the playing ground of teachers! 



I can also throw afar after closing my eyes! 

Award Party 





Performance at the Award Party 

    The sports meeting in other schools usually followed the flow from registration to contest and award, but we were different. We must hold a grand award party for it. Band and dance regiment were both indispensable. The sports meeting should last from day to night. Focusing on the sense of ceremony was the tradition of Beijing Hospitality Institute. 
Performance at the Award Party 
    Love Sports to harvest a healthy body and interesting soul! Unique sports meeting of Beijing Hospitality Institute, you deserve it! 

Host by Sports Department of Student Union 
Picture and Text: News Center, Meng Huanyu 
Source of Picture: Zhang Zhili, Student Development and Service Center
Student Union 
School Journalist Association 
Feng Yuming, Year 2

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