The 7th International Students from Korea Were Enrolled in BHI

    “Learn Chinese and experience Chinese culture to adapt to your life in BHI quickly!”  On September 5th, an opening ceremony for the 7th international students of Cheongju University was held by the International Exchange Center of BHI. Guo Ruihuan, Director of Business Development Department of BHI, expressed her hope to the students that they could broaden their horizons in Beijing, gain achievements in BHI and have a good memory in China. The ceremony aimed to give the international students a better understanding of the campus culture and the characteristics of BHI teaching as well as to demonstrate the core values of BHI, “respect, professionalism and responsibility”, to them.

Director of Business Development Department, Guo Ruihuan, was addressing the students.
Director of International Exchange Center, Hu Xiuying, was making a speech to the students



Meeting their Chinese teachers 


    Li Sihan, a senior student and a dandelion of BHI, was introducing the unique campus culture to the international students

    In order to help the international students adapt themselves to the study and life in BHI, the dandelion volunteer taught them the unique campus culture of BHI, including elevator etiquette, holding etiquette, greeting etiquette and professional dress code. After listening to the explanation, one foreign student said: “I have learned a lot from the explanation, especially the dress code. This is the first time for me to wear business wear.”



Students were taking the test of Chinese language proficiency
    With a short break after the ceremony, the students then took a test of their Chinese language proficiency. Although they still need others’ translation for communication, they will surely be able to speak Chinese fluently after a semester’s study in BHI.
The president of BHI, Gao Songtao, sending his welcome to the students.
Mr. Gao was communicating kindly with the students
     After the test, Gao Songtao, the president of BHI, hosted a banquet for Korean students in the western restaurant of the teaching hotel. During the banquet, he introduced the special education mode of BHI to the international students: BHI lays emphasis on the cultivation of students’practical ability. He expected the international students could well experience the education mode here in the future, eat well, play well, sleep well and live happily every day in China. Though still shy, the international students took the initiative to communicate with Mr. Gao at the welcoming lunch. The warm atmosphere narrowed the distance between them.   

    Up to now, BHI has admitted a total of 79 short-term international students and 37 of them have worked as interns in five-star hotels in China. As scheduled, the international students will have a three-month study of Chinese language and hotel management courses. They all expressed their interest in the unique campus culture of BHI and they were determined to study hard and humbly, hoping to improve themselves to be more excellent and to be a practical hotel management graduate through their study in BHI. 

International Exchange Center 
        Quan Wei

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