Get to Know Us: Club Recruitment

    On September 17, the Student Club Association of BHI organized all the student clubs to hold recruitment in the banquet hall of the teaching hotel. A total of 32 student clubs participated in the recruitment, involving roller skating club, photography club, drama club, mahjong club and other hobby clubs, as well as professional clubs such as wine mixing club, tea tasting club and wine tasting club.
    In order to improve the comprehensive level of the clubs and the quality of their activities, the office of the Youth League Committee of BHI has examined and evaluated 13 clubs and 4 college art troupes as quality clubs, which can provide quality education credits for club members. Come and see which clubs are shortlisted!

List of Quality Clubs
Water West Wine Mixing Club, Drama Club
Board Game Club, USC Skateboard Club
Photography Club, Chinese Zither Club
Tea Tasting Club, WSA Wine Tasting Club
Tennis Club, E-sports Club
Red Cross Association, Table Tennis Club
Perfect Music Club
Student art troupe: 
X-Crew Modern Dance Troupe
Sailing Choir
 Soul-Rhyme National Dance Troupe

    Don't worry if you haven't become a member of a quality club. At the end of each semester, the Student Club Association will review the number and quality of club activities. Clubs that pass the review can also provide quality education credit points for club members.


Photography Club


Chinese Costume Club



USC Skateboard Club


Tea Tasting Club


Mahjong Club


Book Club



Water West Wine Mixing Club 


Perfect Music Club



WSA Wine Tasting Club

    In Beijing Hospitality Institute, the call of "let every teacher and student have an interest and a sport, and really work hard, play harder," is not empty talk. By establishing clubs, running clubs and the participating in club activities, students can really learn the 5 H of BHI: practice by yourself (Hand), think deeply(Head), participate sincerely (Heart), keep healthy (Health) and feel joy(Happiness).
    At present, there are dozens of student clubs in BHI, so students here can easily find their own interest clubs and fully enjoy the happiness brought by their interests and hobbies in their spare time. BHI-ers, come to join a club or found your own interest club! BHI clubs are looking forward to the like-minded you!

Picture: Cheng Jue and  related clubs
Text: Zhang Miao, the Student Club Association 
Layout:  Gao Yan, News Center
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