Ice-breaking Action of FHS 2019, the Second Future Hoteliers Summit –--Let’s Start From CHAO

    On October 24th and October 25th, the second Future Hoteliers Summit will be held in Beijing Hospitality Institute. On October 23rd, the participants from universities and the hotel industry arrived in Beijing successively. To show welcome to the university representatives and make them familiar with each other as soon as possible to lay a good emotional foundation for the subsequent forum, the students of the organizer BHI hold a tense and interesting ice-breaking ceremony in the hotel of CHAO Sanlitun Beijing.
    #What exactly is FHS? #
    Future Hoteliers Summit, referred to as "FHS", is independently organized and planned by students of Beijing Hospitality Institute with a purpose of creating a high-end forum worthy of the trust of colleges and the hotel industry, building a bridge of communication and learning between the colleges and the hotel industry, and promote the steady development of the hotel industry.

Beijing Hospitality Institute 

Again, sends sincere welcome and thanks

To the future hoteliers for joining 

The Future Hoteliers Summit

Thanks again for your passion and participation





Participants were signing in


The ice breaking ceremony was hosted by Liu Yiwei (right) and Chen Yuqiao (left) of the grade 2017

They warmly welcomed all the participants and then introduced the unique design style and avant-garde development concept of CHAO Sanlitun Beijing to them. 


Address by WIlliam Latour, general manager of CHAO Sanlitun Beijing

    “In the past few years since the opening of CHAO Sanlitun Beijing, we have maintained a good partnership with Beijing Hospitality Institute. We have many interns from BHI and they all perform very well in their respective positions. It is a great honor for me to cooperate with students from BHI again and build a communication platform for young hoteliers together with the organization team of FHS. I hope you can gain knowledge and happiness from the communication!”

Ice breaker in progress 


Grouping in progress….



  Game in  progress
    With the cheerful music, players of all groups participate actively in the game. The night sky above CHAO was filled with their laughter, cheers and slogans.
Visit tour in the hotel…
    Through the ice-breaking games and hotel tour, participants had deeper understanding of each other.
Wang Haiyan (first from the left), a senior staff officer and the vice president of hotel, announced the top three ice breaking groups and issued the gifts for them
Representative of the first prize winner group H (first from right)
Representative of the second prize winner group I (second from right)
Representative of the third prize winner group J (second from left)
Reveal of the ultimate challenge topic
 Wang Haiyan, a senior staff officer and the vice president of hotel announced the topic for “FHS ultimate challenge” and explained the rules for participants in detail
    # The ultimate challenge topic #
    A hotel group plans to launch a new cross-border product in China, hoping to attract potential customers. Please select a national brand as well as a favorite hotel brand according to the brand selection rules. Complete a new marketing plan about the cross-border cooperation, and presented it with PPT. Display content should at least include: cooperative hotel brand and reason, product introduction, target customers, marketing strategy, realization possibilities and potential risks.
Happy moments




Happy moments of the participants

Let’s move forward together
in the next two days!
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