Spotlight on-Site丨BHI Carried 0ut the Total Factor Simulation Exercise for Graduates Returning to School

    According to BHI Work Plan of Students Returning to School in Spring Semester of 2020, in order to make sure the arrangements of Graduates 2020 returning to school run smoothly, BHI held a scenario-simulation exercise of students returning to school with full elements and whole process on the morning of June 5.
    Dr. Gao Songtao, President of BHI, Mr Zhang Hualin, Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President, responsible persons of relevant departments, relevant staff and representatives of teachers with training tasks participated in the drill. Yang Baohai, school liaison officer assigned by Beijing Municipal Commission Education, leaders of the Epidemic Prevention and Control Special Group in Panggezhuang and experts from Panggezhuang Town hospital were invited to participate in the drill and guide the observation.

Mr. Zhang Hualin, Party Secretary and Vice President of BHI, Gave a Pep Talk
    Party Secretary Zhang Huailin stressed in his speech, the priority and the core task is to ensure the graduates return to school and leave school safely. Each staff has the duty and responsibility to do a good job of epidemic prevention in accordance with BHI requirements. Various departments need to be careful in the work process, no impatient and no hasty. Different departments need to remind each other timely, and check the procedures and the missing details. To conduct the all-factor drill, it is necessary to be clear about every detail. In order to accumulate experience for the formal return of students, and to ensure that the work of students returning to school is safe.
During the drill, President Gao Songtao (first from the right) Inspects the Work Implementation of Each Post on Campus
    Faculty volunteer s from all departments act as returning graduates and parents. After the drill officially began, more than 30 faculty members were divided into four groups to simulate the various processes that students might experience when returning to school. It includes: airport pickup and self-drive to school, school identity verification and temperature detection, dormitory check-in, online meal ordering and fetching, school departure procedures, relevant certificates and so on. The staff volunteers participating in the drill are meticulous and cooperate with the staff of each link to carry out relevant inspection. At the same time, a variety of emergency situations such as abnormal body temperature and heat stroke were simulated to test the emergency response and disposal ability of on-site staff. Signs and indicators can be seen everywhere on campus to remind students to take good care of their own protection and effectively deal with various possible situations. The whole exercise is smooth and orderly with clear division of work, which has accumulated experience for graduates to return to school.
Next, let's hit the full - element drill site together
Airport pickup




The picking - up teacher measured the temperature and verified the identity of the students before they get on the bus

Preparation for Entering Campus



Before entering the school, students returning to the school line up in an orderly way outside the school gate, carry out health code display, luggage disinfection, replacement of new masks and other procedures

Temperature Detection


Students returning to school line up at one-meter line interval to wait for temperature detection.

Students returning to school shall enter the temperature detecting area to measure their temperature.

If the body temperature is abnormal, students enter the temporary observation area for further treatment.

The scene also simulated the sudden situation of a student who suddenly fainted. After the medical staff at the temporary observation point determined that the student was suffering from heat stroke and dehydration, the student continued to report to the school

Check in and get the epidemic prevention package

Students with normal body temperature should hand in their nucleic acid test certificate and health pledge, get an epidemic prevention package, and check in at the dormitory area according to the route guide

Check-in at the apartment entrance



Conduct a second temperature check and identity verification at the entrance of the Apartment, receive the paper warm prompt and sign the "Letter of Commitment for Graduates to Return to School and enter the Apartment during the Epidemic".
Online ordering
It simulates ordering and fetching food online

Go through graduation procedures

Simulate to receive Graduation Certificate, Degree Certificate, and Baccalaureate Gown

Leave school safely
Returning students leave through the unified exit
Before leaving school, students should have their temperature checked again and check the approval form.

    At the end of the drill, Secretary Zhang Hualin stressed in his concluding speech that all departments should summarize experience and find problems in time through the simulation drill, and give feedback and rectify the problems exposed during the drill after the drill. Secretary Zhang Hualin asked all departments to attach great importance to the epidemic prevention and control work in advance, and make relevant plans in advance to ensure the safe return of graduates. The staff of all parts should fully care about the needs of students returning to school, so that the students who have been away for a long time can fully feel the enthusiasm of the school when they return to BHI. While fully guaranteeing the safety and health of teachers and students on campus, the epidemic prevention and control and the work of graduates returning to school will be warmer.

From June 13, BHI graduates will voluntarily return to school in batches.
At present, all the departments in BHI are working to implement various measures.
We will be fully prepared to resume work and study on the basis of epidemic prevention and control.
Students and teachers are looking forward to meet on campus from a long separation!

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