NCP Could Not Stop Improvement: BHI Students in the Preparation of The CHEI Challenge – Unlocking Career Success

    We came across a very different beginning of 2020. The outbreak of NCP is everyone’s concern now. BHI executives put remote working and online courses into implementation. On 16 February, BHI Faculty Development Center organized the second round assessment on BHI students’ performance in The CHEI Challenge – Unlocking Career Success. Xu Longyang, Deputy Dean, Yu Weimin, Assistant Dean, Zeng Liting, Assistant Dean and Liu Li Chen Jixuan, the tutors formed the team of assessment. After the strict assessment, Team of Duan Siyu was appointed as BHI team for The CHEI Challenge – Unlocking Career Success.


An Online Notice of The CHEI Challenge – Unlocking Career Success 

    The CHEI Challenge: Unlocking Career Successis a national competition designed for students in hospitality related majors at universities or vocational schools in China. As the hospitality industry is growing rapidly in China, there is a great need for qualified talent. In this competition, students will face elaborate case scenarios in hospitality management developed by CHEI. Students are encouraged to use their soft skills to solve real-world problems by drafting a business plan, making a presentation or performing a role-play. Through advanced competence challenges, we aim to tap into the students’ potential and enhance their soft skills needed for successful careers in hospitality. Additionally, the competition involves teachers who will tutor the students. During the tutorship, more interaction between teachers and students will occur. Project-teaching methodology will be put into practice. Knowledge about soft skills will be enhanced. Confidence will grow within teachers. Students will be awarded with scholarships and connections with international mentors, as well as industry leaders, which will help pave their way to career success.

    BHI received five teams’ application for the Challenge, among which three teams entered the first round in BHI selection. Since the competition result between two of them was tight. They were both selected for the preparation list and went for the single place for joining the regional team. 


Brainstorming via Online Meeting

    Despite the isolation, students didn’t stop their steps to make the business plan better. They attended online meetings sharing ideas and information. Liu Li praised their positive attitude and team spirit.


The Record of Their Discussion
    Students found their shortcomings from the competition. Their creativity and potential were also inspired. NCP outbreak could not stop their passion, attitude and team work.

Photo/Text: Faculty Development Center

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