The First International Lesson of Live Broadcast in BHI

    Due to COVID-19 epidemic spread worldwide, Mr. Cui Chao, who was sent by BHI to Dubai for exchange teaching in early March, returned to his motherland in advance. Since the courses in Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (hereinafter referred to as EAHM) haven’t been completed, Mr. Cui Chao began to give lectures in the form of international live broadcasting after he returned to China. 
    EAHM has already carried on online teaching. Because of short time for preparation, EAHM teachers need to explore the model of online live teaching in extremely tight time. While focusing on lesson preparation, every teacher actively explores the most suitable teaching software and teaching form and shares with other teachers in time. 

1.jpg EMBA teachers work together on live online programs 

    After a series of preparations, Mr. Cui Chao started the first international live course in China, and EAHM students in Dubai carefully participated in the online class.  


The interface of online course

    Adhering to BHI core values of "respect, professionalism and responsibility", Mr. Cui dressed up in a suit and appeared on camera during the live broadcast, giving lectures in English. EAHM students have a strong interest in Mr. Cui's courses, and they are also reluctant to part with Mr. Cui's early return. 

EAHM students and Mr. Cui in the last Chinese class in Dubai
4.jpg  Mr. Cui Chao took a selfie during online class break 

    During the academic visit in EAHM, Mr. Cui took charge of teaching Chinese and marketing courses. He hopes to spread Chinese culture to students from other countries through Chinese courses. According to the original plan, the courses were divided into weekly lectures and a seminar. In the lectures, Mr. Cui taught the knowledge related to Chinese culture. In the seminar, students were allowed to participate in a variety of classroom activities to practice Chinese.


Chinese writing exercises from foreign students

Ms. Marina Rizzi, Director of EAHM International Exchange Center, expressed her thanks to Mr. Cui Chao 
    Although Mr. Cui Chao returned to China ahead of schedule, Ms. Marina Rizzi, Director of EAHM International Exchange Center, expressed full recognition and sincere gratitude to Mr. Cui for his work in Dubai. The cooperation between BHI and EAHM will continue to develop in depth. BHI will continue to adhere to the philosophy of "internationalization and application" and continue to provide an international exchange platform for teachers and students.

Photo & Text: Cui Chao, Professional Foundation Office

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