Making Difference: Yoga, Music and Food, Find Those in BHI 5H Live Room

    During the delay of opening campus, Academic Affairs Department of BHI designed a serial courses in BHI 5H Live Room which students could watch on to help faculties and students to put 5H principles into practice. 

Poster of BHI 5H Live Room I



Serial Posters of BHI 5H Live Room I

    Last week, first two courses were delivered in 5H Live Room. On 24 March, lecturer of Sports and Recreation Office, Liu Qianzhe brought us the course, Take Your Parents, Yoga with Me. The course focused on neck and shoulder workout, spine relax and tighten thigh muscle. Ms. Liu used clear instructions and standard poses in the course. Lots of students and faculties followed her instructions and finish meditation with Ms. Liu to release their bodies and minds. Students were eager to know when the next course would be delivered in the end of this course, showing great expectation towards Yoga.
Liu Qianzhe Showing Standard Poses in Live Room
    On 25 March, Wang Shengjie from Youth League Office brought students the course, Find Your Tone. In live, Mr. Wang showed singing techniques and how to define tone in singing. He also got students to do tone training. Mr. Wang used a doll to explain different tone positions. Students were attracted by this humorous teaching style.
Wang Shengjie in Live Room
    To ensure the quality of course, lecturers usually ran several trials beforehand. Zhai Xianmu and Ding Liguo from Training Hotel did trial shows for their live courses, Making Purple Banana Milkshake and Making Brassica Oleracea and Egg Pancake. They adjusted the recipe and wording several times according to the feedback so that they could deliver the courses in Live Room as perfect as posssible.
Making Purple Banana Milkshake


Making Brassica Oleracea and Egg Pancake

Ding Liguo in the Trial
Poster of BHI 5H Live Room II
Serial Posters of BHI 5H Live Room II
    BHI 5H Live Room quickly became very popular among the students. When the posters of second round live courses came out, students have already started asking for detail content and making request for specific topics.
    BHI 5H Live Room has been greatly welcomed by the students since it started. In Live Room, faculties could use facilities and tools at hand to transfer knowledge and skills efficiently, showing a positive attitude towards life and hands-on style of working, which is exactly what 5H means in BHI. 

Academic Section Duan Xiuhong

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