Sharing Collective Wisdom and Facilitating Online Teaching: BHI Taking Online Teaching Sharing Activities for Specialization Courses of Grade 2016

    In order to carry out online teaching better during the epidemic period, strengthen teachers' communication and learning, enrich teachers' online teaching experience, and continuously improve online teaching quality, Academic Affairs Department organized representatives of outstanding teachers who had just completed teaching specialization courses for grade 2016 to share the online teaching experience on April 14. The activity was presided over by Ms Lu Tong, Deputy Dean of Academic Affairs Department, and more than 50 teachers from various teaching offices and departments participated.

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    Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, all the specialization courses of 2016 students in this semester were taught online. As one of the first online teaching groups, all the leaders and teachers involved in teaching and management are facing unprecedented challenges. How to break through the conventional thinking of traditional classroom teaching and better organize, design, implement and manage all aspects of online teaching has become a difficult task for the team. So all the participating teachers began to prepare lessons for online teaching in advance during the winter vacation, and they had the courage to innovate and make bold changes to explore the online teaching mode suitable for BHI students.
    Mr. Yu Tao from Strategy Management Office, Ms. Li Qian and Ms. Yang Fan from Sales & Marketing Office, Ms. Xu Shanshan and Ms. Teng Lidan from Finance & Investment Office and Ms. Fan Yangyang from Human Resource Management Office separately shared the experience of online course teaching according to the characteristics of the courses they taught, so that other teachers could understand the teaching thoughts of different specialization courses from different aspects.



Teacher Representative shareing PPT
    In the 90-minute sharing activity, Ms. Yang fan introduced her new measures of conducting a questionnaire survey on students before the class to find out about their home-based learning. Ms. Fan Yangyang explained the experience of preparing courseware materials for online teaching and how to follow up students' learning progress. Ms. Li Qian introduced the experience of the selection and application of cases in online teaching. Ms. Teng Lidan used a large number of pictures to share the typical examples and related feelings of interaction and question-answering in the course of teaching. Mr. Yu Tao showed the tools he designed to guide the students to study and prepare for the examination after class. From the perspective of the team leader, Ms. Xu Shanshan introduced how the financial management courses team carried out collective and unified lesson preparation. Ms. Peng Lan, Deputy Director of Teaching Quality Supervision Office, also affirmed the teaching organization and design of all the teachers in the first six weeks for the specialization courses.



8.jpgAll teaching offices discussed after the sharing session

    At the end of the sharing session , Deputy Dean Ms. Lu Tong fully recognized the efforts made by all the teachers for the specialization courses in innovating online teaching techniques, and encouraged them to actively communicate and discuss with each other to continue to optimize and improve the level of online teaching.
    After the sharing activity, the teachers in different offices carried out a heated teaching seminar combined with the shared materials and contents. At the same time, they shared the content with other teachers in the office who could not participate in the activity. Teachers said that this sharing is new and rich in content, and many good experiences can be used in future online teaching activities.

Text & Photo: Yu Tao, Strategy Management Teaching Office

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