BHI Luxury Brand Management Curriculum Construction—Walk into Bulgari Hotel Beijing

    On August 17, Ms. Lu Tong, Vice Dean of Academic Affairs Department, visited Bulgari Hotel Beijing to prepare for the collection of first-hand materials for Luxury Management courses. 
    During the visit, Ms. Lu Tong interviewed Mr. CAI Lei, Sales Director of the hotel. 
    The visit and dialogue centered on Bulgari's brand strategy and brand building provided valuable first-hand information for the construction of Luxury management courses in BHI.

Ms. Lu Tong, Deputy Dean of Academic Affairs Department, visited Bulgari Hotel Beijing 
    Mr. CAI Lei said: "Bulgari Hotel is the product extension of Bulgari Brand based on jewelry. Bulgari hopes to spread the brand to more people."
    Bulgari Hotels are targeted at Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, among whom women are the focus of the Bulgari brand.
    Ms. Lu also discussed with Mr. CAI about the impact of the epidemic on Bulgari Hotel Beijing. And Mr. CAI pointed out that it was very important to launch new products to meet guests' needs for hygiene and health, such as catering products, spa products and fitness products.
    At the same time, Bulgari Hotel also uses diversified sales methods to narrow the gap between the expected sales target.
Ms. Lu Tong interviewed Mr. CAI Lei, Sales Director of Bulgari Hotel Beijing
Yang Yi, 2015 Graduate of BHI and now Training Manager of Bulgari Hotel Beijing 

    During BHI's visit to Bulgari Hotel Beijing, Yang Yi, one of BHI 2015 Graduates and now Training manager of Bulgari Hotel Beijing, provided a lot of help for the connection and interview between the two sides.
    At present, a large number of outstanding alumni from BHI are working in five-star hotels, which further strengthens the communication between BHI and the hotel industry and builds a bridge between the two sides.

Photo:Lu Tong, Academic Affairs Department  Text:Cui Chao, Professional Foundation Office

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