To Assist with 2022 Winter Olympic Games, BHI Teacher Carried out English Training for Tourism Practitioners in Zhangjiakou

    In order to meet/welcome the 2022 Winter Olympic Games and provide better services during the Games, Zhangjiakou Cultural Broadcasting and Tourism Bureau and Beijing Shangyou Online Education Technology Co., Ltd. undertook a series of training courses on service quality improvement for tourism practitioners in Zhangjiakou. The Business Development Department of BHI provides training services for Reception English, Western Food Production, Western Food Service and other topics in these training courses. Mr. Jiang Jiagang, Head of Foreign Language Teaching Office of BHI, brought a two-day practical and interesting Hotel Reception English training to more than 70 trainees.

Leaders of Zhangjiakou Cultural Broadcasting and Tourism Bureau attended the launching ceremony and delivered a speech

    Bai Yonghong, Deputy Director of Zhangjiakou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism, and Zhang Shubin, Head of the section, attended the launching ceremony of the training, which was the first of this series of training courses on service quality improvement for tourism practitioners in Zhangjiakou held for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games. Bai said in her speech at the launch ceremony that the government attaches great importance to this work and follow-up training will be arranged in succession to make every effort in preparing for the Winter Olympics and improve the overall skills and professionalism of relevant personnel. On the basis of the hotel's basic vocabulary, common expressions, scene simulation and dialogue, the content of this lecture added the vocabulary and dialogue related to the Winter Olympics.




Mr. Jiang Jiagang’s lecture

    After the training, the trainees said that they have gained a lot, and the learning content is highly relevant to the job and is of great help. The training has achieved the expected results and has been well received by all leaders and trainees




Trainees actively participate in the interaction

    Business Development Department of BHI will continue to cooperate with Shangyou Online to promote relevant follow-up training as planned, and carry out training on Western Food Production and Western Food Service successively, so as to contribute to the goal of "wonderful, extraordinary and excellent" of the Winter Olympic Games.

Photo: Hu Yuanyuan, Business Development Department; Jiang Jiagang, Academic Affairs Department
Text: Hu Yuanyuan, Business Development Department

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