BHI Students of Class 2019 Provided High-quality Services for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games

    After the 24th Winter Olympic Games started in Beijing on February 4th, 2022, nearly 20,000 volunteers provided volunteer service for the Winter Olympic Games, including BHI interns currently working at the Parkfleet Hotel. They added luster to the Winter Olympic Games and won honor for BHI with their excellent service.

    Affected by the epidemic, they had to wear heavy medical protective suits to work every day, which was branded as a highlight of their career and the most beautiful mark of youth!




H1916 - Ye Weiwei


Ye Weiwei (first from the right) took a photo with overseas guests.

    The Winter Olympic Games is a major international event. When I Knew that I had an opportunity to participate in the service, I signed up without hesitation. When I was enrolled, the passion in my heart was completely ignited! On the first day of 2022, when my classmates were already on their way home, I came to Chongli Parkfleet Hotel for the internship with my longing for the Winter Olympics.

    Cold protective suits could block the virus, but they couldn’t block our enthusiasm. The encouragement of colleagues as well as the gratitude of guests were the biggest support for me! It’s a great honor to provide volunteer service for Beijing Winter Olympics. During the rest of the internship, we will continue to maintain a good working state!
H1916 - Song Xi
Song Xi (second from left) at work

    Thanks to my director! She has been protecting us and inspiring us. In the volunteer service, I grew a lot and broadened my horizon. I am proud to say that we successfully completed  the service mission for the Winter Olympics!

H1926 - Li Hao
    In the severe situation of epidemic prevention, I must ensure that every drink produced is safe and qualified and never give any relax to my stressed nerves. At the same time, I made  many foreign friends and had a more perceptual and profound understanding of the Olympic spirit. Although we are different in race, culture and belief, we are striving for the same goal. I have accomplished my original intention of “serving the Winter Olympics with my own strength,” which I am very proud of.

H1926 - Ma Ming
    Through this special experience, I have a further understanding about the customs of foreign countries. We got along more like friends, and even behind the protective suits, we could still feel the warmth of each other. For my excellent service, the German Olympic Committee gifted me a bottle of sparkling wine. I shared it with the restaurant, and we toasted together on the day of the closing ceremony!

H1916 - Meng Jiayin
    For the last internship, we always consider a lot, such as the impact of internship on future employment, its help for graduation thesis and so on. But when I learned that I could participate in the volunteer service for the Winter Olympics, I chose this hotel without hesitation! Giving up the opportunity to reunite with my families to celebrate the Spring Festival, I jumped into the closed-loop management on the starting day of the holiday. However, there is always a difference between reality and ideal. The expectation and joy I had before I came turned into worries about the epidemic and nervousness in the unfamiliar environment. But the help from my colleagues, the guidance from my leaders and the care from my colleagues in the HR department gave me the courage to overcome my fear and all difficulties.

    Chongli Parkfleet Hotel
    Parkfleet Hotel is an internship cooperative of BHI, located in Taiwu Town, Chongli County . During the Winter Olympic Games, it mainly provided reception service for the staff of khaya broadcaster team, Olympic Committees of France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Germany Canada and Slovenia, as well as the German ski team. Including the support personnel of China State Power, it has received a total of 319 people from 15 countries for 3082 stays.

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