Diary of BHI Foreign Students about Feelings in the New Semester

Over more than two months after the start of the semester, the foreign students of BHI have gradually adapted to the campus life. Let's hear how they feel about studying in BHI.


Xu Tingmin , Class of 2022South Korea


I have been living in China since I was in high school, and I was attracted by BHI after I visited it in 2021. Personally, I like playing football very much, so quite like the outdoor football field of BHI. After I came here, I joined the football club and often played football with my teachers and classmates. The practical operation classes in BHI are very interesting. I learned how to make  Western food from the teachers. In the catering service class, I also learned a lot of knowledge about table manners of Western food. I often share my college life with my former high school friends, and they are looking forward to the college life here.



Xia Wei, Class of 2021, Russia 


Ivery happy that this semester I finally returned to the embrace of the big family of BHI. During the two months in BHI, I learned that the professional knowledge of hotel management can be applied not only in work, but also in life. I didnt know how to cook or use any kitchen utensils at home before, but I learned how to use them properly here in the practical classes. The teachers are also very kind to me. When I couldn't understand some Chinese expressions, teachers will take pains to explain to me. My classmates are also very friendly to me, and we cooperate very well in class. I think coming to BHI is a right decision.



Yin-Zaiyan Class of 2020South Korea


After returning to BHI last year, I immediately went to the Food and Beverage Department of Rosewood Beijing to have my internship. Since I had not taken any practical operation class before, it was very difficult for me to get into the mode during the internship. Therefore, during that time, I realized the importance of taking practical operation class. I am very happy to come back to the campus this semester and make many Chinese friends.


Photo: Zhao Ziyue and Ma Junlin, BHI Press Corps

Text: Wang MeilingInternational Exchange Center 

Editor: Gao Yan, News Center


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