The First National Young Sommelier Service Skills Competition was Held Grandly in BHI, and BHI Students Won the First Place!


On March 23rd, the semi-final and final of the First National Young Sommelier Service Skills Competition were successfully held in BHI. The team“Golden Plum” from BHI won the first place, "T-SIA" from Shanghai Institute of Tourism won the second place, and "Heisman" from Qingdao Vocational and Technical College of Hotel Management won the third place. The teachers and students of BHI provide professional and high-quality services for the smooth running of the competition and award dinner.

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Wine tasting master class & beautiful set of the award dinn 

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The teachers and students of BHI provideprofessional services for the competition


 Service team of BHI teachers and students

During the process of the competition, BHI teachers and students in the Training Hotel contributed a lot. Before the competition, they carefully arranged the competition venue to ensure that the competition can be carried out fairly and effectively; During the competition, they always prepared themselves well to accept the dispatch and provide quality service; After the competition, they reset the venue in time to ensure the smooth progress of the next item on the agenda. In the service for the competition, BHI teachers and students demonstrated the word "professional" incisively and vividly, which won the praise of the organizers and competitors.

 The semi-final 

The semi-final of competition includes written test and blind tasting, focusing on the teams' practical operation of serving wine and wine matching for the selected wines of Chinese wine, Chinese spirits and Chinese rice wine.13.jpg14.jpg15.jpg16.jpg17.jpg18.jpg19.jpg20.jpg 

 Wine tasting master class

On the day of the event, guests participated attended wine tasting master class of the Great Wall SunGod Wine and Yanghe Spirits at the Swiss Bar of the BHI Training Hotel. The teachers and students of BHI there provided high-quality professional services for the master class.


BHI teachers and students carefully arrange the setting for the wine tasting master class

Wine tasting master class

The final29.jpg 

After intense competition, the three teams: Golden Plum, T-SIA and Heisman, advanced to the finals. In the final, the three teams competed in the items of wine service, sales skills and wine tasting discrimination, wine opening service, blind tasting, wine terminology guessing, and quick question answering. The three teams presented professional and meticulous sommelier services to the judges and audience, and demonstrated their profound understanding of professional sommelier service.

Contestants of the final


Award dinner

Opening ceremony of the industry-university-research-use demonstration base   

BHI cooperates with Pinle Sommelier to build the industry-university-research-use demonstration base of sommelier service, and with Japan-China Caring Association to build the base of nursing. At the award banquet, Dr. Gao Songtao, president of BHI, presented the plates to Zhang Yining, founder of Pinle Sommelier, and Cai Yi, executive president of the Japan-China Caring Association.




Dr. Zhang Rungang, Vice president and secretary-general of China Tourism Association and Chief Consultant of BHI, delivered a speech

Dr. Zhang Rungang extended a warm welcome to the competitors and guests. He pointed out that in the past three years, great changes have taken place in the way of dining and tourism. In order to further help the rapid recovery and high-quality development of the tourism and catering industry, China Tourism Association set up a food and wine professional working committee last year around the trend of“new tourism and new catering,” and sommelier is a key part of that. The first National Young Sommelier Service Skills Competition can help the public to have a deeper understanding of sommeliers. At the same time, it also provides a platform for students majoring in hotel management and tourism management to show themselves and helpthem broaden their horizons and improve their professional skills in the competition.


 Rap and dance performance by BHI teachers and students


BHI teachers and students provided excellent service for the award dinner

Moment of honor

First place: Golden Plum  (Beijing Hospitality Institute)

Second place: T-SIA (Shanghai Institute of Tourism)

Third place: Heisman (Qingdao Vocational and Technical College of Hotel Management)43.jpg 

Special awards44.jpg 

Best Tasting Skill Award: T-SIA (Shanghai Institute of Tourism)

Best Food and Wine Pairing Award: GLERS (Guilin Tourism University)

Best Teamwork Award: Team1 of Tourism College of Zhejiang (Tourism College of Zhejiang )

Best English Presentation Award: Golden Plum (Beijing Hospitality Institute)

Best Sales Skill Award: Golden Plum (Beijing Hospitality Institute)

Best Knowledge Reserve Award: Heisman (Qingdao Vocational and Technical College of Hotel Management)

Best Sommelier Service Award: VIN BY WINE  (Shanghai Institute of Tourism)

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