Chasing Youth Dreams,Moving Forward | BHI Held the 2021-2022 Academic Year Scholarship Award Ceremony


Gentlemen and ladies dressed up to attend.

Applause and honor converged at this moment.

All BHI-ers gathered in the banquet hall,

To witness this moment of honor together.

On April 27th, the 2021-2022 Academic Year Scholarship Award Ceremony of Beijing Hospitality Institute was successfully held in the banquet hall of the Training Hotel. BHI teachers and students dressed up to celebrate the progress and achievements of the students.

Moment of Glory


Shao Chao (first from the left), vice director of Student Affairs Department, Mao Tian (first from the right), teacher of Foreign Language Office presented awards to first-class scholarship winners

微信图片_20230505110406.jpgYu Tao (first from the left), director of Marketing and Strategy Office, and Jin Wenxue (first from the right), director of Professional Foundations Office presented awards to the second-class scholarship winners

微信图片_20230505110409.jpg Wang Huanxing (first from the left), teacher of the Marketing and Strategy Office, and She Lirong (first from the right), director of the Human Resources Management Office presented awards to the third-class scholarship winners微信图片_20230505110452.png微信图片_20230505110456.jpg

Wonderful moments

Brilliant performance

The dance of Mugen Dance Troupe, the wonderful rap of BHI rapper and the melodious singing of Sailing Choir made the scene more heated.


Ceremony hosts: Grade 2021 Li Yanxi (left), Grade 2022 Xing Aoyu (right)


Mugen Dance Troupe displayed wonderful dance performances


Han Jiayue and Guo Ziao from Fire Rap Club sang an original song BHI in My Heart


The students of Sailing Choir sang The Wind Blows the Wheat Waves

Leaders speech


BHI vice president Zhang Huailin sent congratulations to the winners

All BHI-ers here with awards are amazing! BHI’s hotel management major has been approved as a national first-class undergraduate construction major, and the financial management major has been approved as a first-class undergraduate construction major of Beijing. This is a great honor of all BHI-ers. BHI’s teaching mode of combining practice and theory and the unique campus culture are the essential conditions for these achievements. You are the best, but there is still a long way to go in the future. Hope all of you keep working hard to achieve better achievements.


Xu Longyang, dean of Academic Affairs Department, filled the champagne tower with students.


Teachers and students toast together.

The gear of time is still turning.

The journey of youth is still full of challenges.

For next award ceremony,

We look forward to meeting a better you!

©2015 Beijing Hospitality Institute