Colorful Youth, Artistic Life | Exhibition of BHI Art Troupes

In this warm family, there are Custom Rock Band, Muse Western Music Band, Thousand-sound Folk Music Band, Mugen Modern Dance Troupe, Soul Melody Dance Troupe, Sailing Choir, Kindling Rap Troupe, ONE Drama Troupe, and the  the General Affairs Division. They pursue their artistic dreams and practice the beauty of art in their spare time.

Lets get to know them now!

1. Custom Rock Band

Being young means daring to think, strive, and be the first to take the challenge.

They stand at the pinnacle of rock music in BHI,

to show off the charm of youth with a brave attitude!

2. Muse Western Music Band

The melodious melody of the piano is stirring the young heartstrings,

to deposit the mellow texture and rich fragrance of youth bit by bit.

The notes carry the joy and sadness of old times,

to bring a grand audio-visual feast to the audience.

3. Thousand-sound Folk Music Band

When the sound of the phoenix flute moves, its just like the light moving on a jade pot.

The low melody is as silent as flowing water in mountains, 

and the high tone is thumping like horse galloping. 

Immersing yourself in it, you feel the spring breeze blowing and intoxicating your heart.

4. Kindling Rap Troupe

With cool accompaniment,

they shout out their attitude towards life and pursuit for dreams

with all their strength,

igniting their youth with flaming passion!

5. Soul Melody Folk Dance Troupe

Spin! Jump!

They dance gracefully on every note.

From micro expressions to dance movements, everything hits the soul directly!

Thats amazing!

6. Sailing Choir

Trickles of water converge into a sea.

Facing the sea breeze full of hope,

they set sail with full enthusiasm,

exposing their youth and vitality with singing!

The sail is just right, just for you!

7. Mugen Modern Dance Troupe

Every powerful movement,

and every passionate soul,

showcases their passion and charm!

Here, they grow flowers in air with their movements,

and water the flowers of youth with love and sweat!

8. ONE Drama Troupe

There is such a group of people who can cast magic.

They can make the audience burst into laughter,

and also make the audience applaud.

They welcome all those who love drama!

9. General Affairs Division

The brilliance of meteors comes from the friction between celestial bodies,

while the brightness of pearls comes from the tears of shells.

They constantly unleash inspiration with love and passion,

displaying the charm of BHI with responsibility!

They are the shining flags of BHI, and also the solid backing of the art troupes!

©2015 Beijing Hospitality Institute