Live coverage of the consultation meeting! Nearly 70 universities from Beijing and beyond gathered at Beijing Foreign Studies University and BHI to provide "one-stop" enrollment consultation

Spring breeze brings warmth, setting sail on the sea of learning.

The BHI campus is vibrant and full of vitality.

On April 27th, the BHI Hotel Management School successfully held the 2024 Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Joint Enrollment Consultation Fair. The event attracted a large crowd, with nearly 70 universities participating, creating a "one-stop" enrollment consultation service platform to serve the needs of prospective students and parents.





Gathering at BHI, the consultation fair was bustling with activity.

The 2024 Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Enrollment Consultation Fair was organized by Beijing Second Foreign Language Institute BHI Hotel Management School and Beijing TV City Broadcasting Center. Under the guidance of enrollment offices in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, universities from Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei provinces all participated, with nearly 10 Sino-foreign cooperation universities also gathering at BHI for enrollment. The fair invited nearly 70 universities, including Tsinghua University, Beihang University, Beijing Normal University, Central University of Finance and Economics, University of International Business and Economics, Beijing Foreign Studies University, China University of Political Science and Law, Beijing University of Science and Technology, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Nankai University, Tianjin University, Hebei University of Chinese Medicine, Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, University of Nottingham Ningbo China, City University of Hong Kong (Dongguan), and more, to set up consultation booths on-site to introduce the latest enrollment policies to students and parents.

Recently, senior high school students in various districts of Beijing have completed their "mock" exams, and the results and rankings have been released. At the consultation event, students and parents brought their mock exam scores to the consultation desks of their desired universities to inquire about past score lines, employment prospects, subject requirements, and other information in detail.







At the consultation event, in addition to nearly 70 universities from both inside and outside Beijing, there were also consultation booths set up by the district admissions offices to provide comprehensive and systematic explanations to parents and students about the regulations and procedures for submitting preferences and admissions, introduce relevant policies regarding university admissions, and present past admission situations of various universities.




The Beijing Hospitality Institute set up a central consultation desk to provide face-to-face professional introductions of specialties in hotel management, financial management, finance, human resource management, marketing, and health services and management to students and parents.

Furthermore, partner institutions of the Beijing Hospitality Institute set up booths at the consultation event to showcase the college's commitment to promoting the internationalization of talent development, as well as its implementation of the key initiatives of an "internationalized, application-oriented" development strategy to students and parents.

Additionally, the Beijing Hospitality Institute invited partner enterprises to introduce the college's talent development model and students' core competitive advantages in employment to students and parents, showcasing the achievements and characteristics of talent development at the Beijing Hospitality Institute from all perspectives.

On the library square, various student clubs such as the Tea Appreciation Society, the Hanfu Society, the Perfect Music Society, the Wine Tasting Society, the Mugen Dance Troupe, and the Qianlai Folk Music Band set up booths to demonstrate the vibrant and diverse university campus life to students and parents.

The Beijing Hospitality Institute currently has more than 40 student clubs, including creative clubs like the Cross Talk Society, activity-based clubs like Model United Nations, Korean Language Society, and Yoga Society, as well as service and career development clubs like the Bartending Society and the School Journalists' Team. The BHI Basketball Club simulates the NBA management model and holds club leagues annually. The colorful club culture inspires students' interests, enriches campus cultural life, and enables every student to find their own interest groups.

As a beautiful touch of color in university culture, they in these clubs exude youthful energy in the school, shine in campus events, and take on responsibilities in social services. They create a positive atmosphere and direction within the campus and are the practitioners of campus culture.







Application Consulting on-site Q&A

In the morning of the same day, Mr. Cui Xue, Director of the College Entrance Examination Office of Daxing District Education Examination Center, was specially invited to provide on-site professional volunteer counseling lectures and answer questions for candidates and parents.

During the on-site lecture, Dr. Gao Songtao, the Dean of Beijing Hospitality Institute, introduced the college's unique talent development model to candidates and parents. He pointed out that based on the global leading hotel management curriculum, BHI has developed a distinctive hotel management talent cultivation program tailored to practical needs. Students at BHI have the opportunity to gain real practical experience in a panoramic immersive teaching environment, laying a solid foundation for internships and employment. By the time of graduation, students already have a year and a half of work experience, and an increasing number of graduates are being hired as management trainees by various enterprises. Not only does the hotel industry favor BHI students, but also the broader service industry, such as Huawei and NIO, show a growing preference for BHI students.

Sun Qiao, the Director of Admissions Affairs Department at Beijing Hospitality Institute, provided a detailed introduction to the college's educational features, training models, program offerings, employment prospects, campus culture, and enrollment policies.

Director Cui provided a detailed interpretation of policies, interpretation of policies, volunteer structure, allocation rules, application methods, precautions, and relevant reminders that are of concern to candidates and parents. This helped candidates and parents understand the volunteer application methods, pointed out common issues in volunteer application, and guided candidates on how to select schools and make volunteer choices based on their college entrance exam scores, personal interests, and recent enrollment situations.


Cui Xue, Director of the Enrollment Office of the Daxing District Education Examination Center, answers questions and clarifies doubts on-site.


The seats are all taken, and the atmosphere is lively.


Dr. Gao Songtao, President of BHI, takes the lead in introducing BHI.


Director Sun Qiao introduces the admission policies of BHI.

At the scene, candidates and parents listen attentively, with some taking notes and others recording the lecture video, all actively preparing for the college entrance exam volunteer application.




Fully open to showcase the distinctive campus.

In addition to providing enrollment consultation and volunteer guidance, Beijing Hospitality Institute also simultaneously fully opens the teaching hotel, teaching administrative building, library, gymnasium, Swiss pavilion restaurant, internship employment base, industry-university-research base, high-quality source schools, wine tasting classroom, coffee laboratory, and other facilities to candidates and parents. In each open area, dedicated teachers are responsible for providing explanations to candidates and parents.

During this campus open day, candidates and parents had the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of Beijing Hospitality Institute's campus environment, teaching facilities, and academic features. Through face-to-face interactions with teachers, they experienced the unique nurturing campus culture of BHI and the globally leading talent development model.

In addition, candidates and parents also experienced the delicious food at the Beijing Hospitality Institute's restaurants. Candidates and parents flocked to the Chinese restaurant, Western restaurant, and Swiss pavilion restaurant. The restaurants offered a variety of options including Chinese stir-fry dishes, creative dishes, Western cuisine, Western pastries, and nutritious soups, all of which were tantalizing to the senses.



Campus Tour





The 2024 Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei College Consultation Fair was a complete success, providing a perfect ending. This consultation fair built a bridge for face-to-face communication between candidates and colleges, offering professional guidance and services. This enabled students to make informed choices about schools and majors, allowing them to enter their ideal schools and achieve their dreams. Additionally, the consultation fair showcased BHI's educational characteristics and talent development achievements from all angles, providing a comprehensive and multi-faceted view.

Looking forward to meeting you at BHI this golden September, embarking on a mutual journey together.

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