Youthful Vigor “BHI-Style,” A Spectacular Blaze of Brilliance! The 13th Sports Meet at Beijing Hospitality Institute Concludes with Great Success

The 13th Sports Games of Beijing Hospitality Institute

Springtime brings boundless beauty, and the moment for sports is here. In a spirited response to the rallying cry of 'every BHI teacher and student should embrace a sporting activity', and to foster a vibrant campus sporting culture, the Beijing Hospitality Institute proudly presents the 13th Track and Field Games

Opening Ceremony640.jpg

At the opening ceremony, flags fluttered in the air, the flag guard hoisted the national flag high, marching in with precision. Their determined gazes epitomized the spirited resolve of BHI students. The distinctive formations dazzled the audience, accompanied by exuberant dances and lively chants. Youthful energy surged forth at that moment, showcasing the positive spirit of BHI students, presenting a visual feast for the entire school community.

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Distinctive formations enter the field

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Eye-catching performances ensue640 (5).jpg

Teacher representatives pledge640 (6).jpg

Athlete representatives pledge

   Address by the President640 (7).jpg

Dr. Gao Songtao, President of Beijing Hospitality Institute, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony.

At BHI, our students are ladies and gentlemen in the classroom and actively engage in various activities outside of it. BHI individuals possess their unique qualities, and the elegant and energetic performances at the opening ceremony make us even more excited about everyone's bright future! Achievements are not the only goal; happiness and health are equally important. Let's work hard together and play even harder!

The athletes showcase their talents and prowess

Stepping onto the track is an act of courage, racing on the field is a demonstration of ability. During the competition, accompanied by cheers, the athletes charge forward like a torrent, fighting for every second. They interpret the power of youth with their perseverance and struggle, each step a display of strength, each breath a declaration of determination. They maintain a steadfast commitment to their ideals, continuously moving forward.


On the field, the referees time and measure meticulously, adhering to the principles of "professionalism, fairness, and impartiality," ensuring the fairness of each competition and allowing each athlete's abilities to be fully displayed.


In each competition, the BHI sports heroes give their all, shedding sweat, not only competing for class honor but also showcasing their own tenacity and spirit of striving upwards.


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Closing Ceremony

After a day of intense competition, the athletes have achieved remarkable results through their hard work. We look forward to seeing everyone once again giving their all and sweating it out on the field at the next sports event!

The moment of honour


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