2019 BHI Students’ Winter Vacation at University of Derby

2018 Art Week

2018 5H Training

2018 China Open Tennis Championship

2018 Win the Future with Wisdom Hotel Review Summit Forum

2018 The Peking Opera Master Present at BHI; The Quintessence of Chinese Culture Edify BHIers

2018 Young Hoteliers Summit Global

2017 China Open Tennis Championship

2017 China-Switzerland Hotel Management Conference

2017 Vice President of the China Tourism Education Association

2017 Competition on Huashan Mountain in China’s Service Industry

2017 Belt and Road Volunteers’ Live

2017 Belt and Road Volunteers

2017 Honorary Title of Colleges and Universities for Training Excellent Talents in Tourism Service Industry 

2017 Reader & Review Summit

2017 Young Hoteliers Summit Global

2017 Young Hoteliers Summit Asia

2016 Cheongju University Visit in Korea

2016 Western Returned Scholar Association

2016 Countdown Party

2016 Hotel Summit Forum

The bronze award of the 2016 Choir Beijing Competition

2016 Head of Public Welfare Practice Project

President Gao was awarded outstanding leader of Chinese hotel industry in 2016

2016 The First Prize of Innovation

2016 Young Hoteliers Summit Asia

2016 President Gao for APacCHRIE Board Meeting in Thailand

2015 Double Selection Meeting for Internship

2013 Young Hoteliers Summit Global

2012 Young Hoteliers Summit Asia

2013 Young Hoteliers Summit Asia VIP

2014 Young Hoteliers Summit Asia

2015 Young Hoteliers Summit Asia

BHI Appreciation Party

EuroCollege Hogeschool

Professional Etiquette Contest

Sports Meet


Freshmen Military Training

Graduation Ceremony

English Singging Championship

2013 BHI Appreciation Party

Graduation Party

BHI Appreciation Party

Welcome Party for the Freshmen

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