Together in Joys, Challenges, and Courage BHI Commencement, Graduation Ceremony and Graduation Party 2016

On June 24, BHI Commencement and Graduation Party 2016 took place on the square in front of library. The sky presented the graduates a shiny crystal blue, the color of their future.   

BHI Graduation Commencement 2016

After a short dance performance, tutors led the graduates walk along the red carpet. At one of the most exciting and sacred moments in their lives, no one was stingy with their smiles and showed the most shining faces to every guest and teacher. They won a standing ovation from the parents and guests.

Dr. Li Botan delivered the first speech to the graduates. “My daughter graduated last year. She was excited, but also confused about the future. I told her that you shall identify your original goal.” Dr. Li Botan mentioned a common confusion for the graduates and offered his precious advice,”Be hard-working and be optimistic. God will make a way.”

Founder of BHI, director of BHI board, Dr. Li Botan’s wishes for the graduates

“Work hard, and play even harder!”--The enthusiastic speech delivered by Mr. Yateendra SINH, CEO of Lausanne Hospitality Consulting

“As long as you persist, you will become a general manager wherever you start your career in the hotel industry.” Mr. Qian Jin, KEYNOTE Speaker, CEO of Wanda Hotels & Resorts shared his experience of being an assistant when he entered the hotel industry, “I strongly believe that you’ll be better than me, and become general managers and presidents. ”

After the enlightening speech, an exciting decision was announced that Mr. Qian Jin was appointed as the visiting professor of BHI.

Dr. Gao Songtao and Mr. Qian Jin

The ceremony also attracted the top executives of the hospitality industry. On the stage, the top executives sent their sincere blessings and invitations to the graduates.

General Managers of Hilton Beijing Wangfujing, Sofitel Wanda Hotels China, Rosewood Beijing, Intercontinental Beijing Sanlitun, East Beijing, Four Seasons Hotel Beijing, Conrad Beijing and Grand Metropark Longxi Conference Center

“It is the second time I’ve attended BHI Commencement and the ceremony is as exciting as always, especially when the graduates walked along the carpet. Each of them is filled with confidence, vitality and hope!” Diana Lee, HRD of Fairmont Raffles Hotels International expressed her admiration of BHI graduates.

Following their sincere invitations, Dr. Gao Songtao, President of BHI delivered the speech to the graduates.

“The most charming ladies and the most attentive gentlemen are about to leave BHI.” In the last speech to the graduates, Dr. Gao Songtaoexpressed his strong feeling in a touching tone, “BHI can be your home forever!”

The touching and encouraging speech delivered by Dr. Gao Songtao, President of BHI

In addition, Mr. Zhong Wenzi, the representive of teachers, Ms. Wang Xiaojin, the representative of the graduates’ parents sent their wishes to the graduates in the speeches.

Graduates representatives

Mr. Zhang, Deputy President of BHI, announcing the Decision of BHI Graduation in 2016

      BHI Graduation Ceremony 2016

      Dr. Gao Songtao moved the hat tassels for individual graduates from right to left and Mr. Yateendra SINH awarded the graduation certificates to them in Teaching Hotel.

Best wishes for every graduate

BHI Graduation Party 2016

      BHI Graduation Party started at 18:30 on the square in front of library where all teachers stood in line and served drinks for the guests. Walking on the same red carpet, the graduates all dressed up with gowns and suits.

While enjoying the delicious buffets, they didn’t forget to take a precious(might be the last) photo with their classmates and teachers. On the stage, fantastic shows were carried on. Raising their glasses, the graduates cheered on the students and teachers singing and dancing on the stage.

Students presented not only pop dances and songs, but also traditional instruments performance.

A surprise, the free style dance part led by DJ was one of the most exciting moments. Several guests and teachers including Dr. Gao Songtao, Mr. Yateendra SINH, Mr. Nathan Andrews, Director of Ecole Hoteliere at Lavasa, Mr. Kunal Vasudeva, COO of Ecole Hoteliere at Lavasa were invited to dance with the students. Their dances that others unusually saw brought the cheers louder and louder.

The best joint stage by the students, teachers and guests

A counselor covering his face to stop the tears bursting out

      At the end of the party, the graduates all gathered around the counselors who spent four years with them. They laughed, they cried and finally, they said good-bye.

He Zhuxin

Tian Yushi

Chen Kaiyi

Zhang Zuming

Fan Zifeng

Yang Haiyu

Peng Yilin

Feng He/Translation

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