Seventh Annual Edition of the Young Hoteliers Summit Asia 2017: The Innovation Request of the Millennial Generation’s Consumers and Practitioner in Hospitality Industry

The 19th CPC National Congress was held from Oct 18 to 24 in Beijing. Meanwhile, 2017 Young Hoteliers Summit-Asia (hereinafter referred to as YHS Asia) kicked off in Beijing Hospitality Institute (hereinafter referred to as BHI). 

YHSA 2017 is The Innovation Request of the Millennial Generation’s Consumers and Practitioner in Hospitality Industry; together over 90 candidates and elites from hotels, homestays and high-tech industries will address a range of issues within the Millennial. 

Dr. Gao Songtao, the President of BHI, Delivered the Welcome Speech to the Guests and Candidates

“BHI has witnessed the development of YHS Asia for six years. It has always been an activity of the students, by the students and for the students. It is not only a communication stage for future hoteliers and elites, but also a forum where fresh ideas emerge. We are here to try to find out how a hotel could serve the Millennial.”

Ms. Zhang Nuo and Ms. Qing Min, Heads of the 7th YHS Asia

Welcome Dance—Everybody Gets Moving before the Summit

Mr. William Latour, Managing Director at CHAO Lifestyle Brands, presented with the first keynote speaking: The New Hospitality Industry under the Impact of the Millennial—The Lifestyle Hotel. He illustrated what the Millennial would buy and how they would live by analyzing new hotel life style, service idea and customer needs.

Panel Discussion on the Topic of How Should Traditional Hotels Innovate When Facing the Millennial

Guests mentioned that the Millennial wouldn’t pay much attention to the marketing channels. However, they would like to welcome diversity.

Candidates Listening to the Panel Discussion

Campus Tour

YHS Asia Welcome Banquet was held in the Multifunctional Hall of BHI on 18 October.

Mr. Zhang Huailin, Vice President of BHI

Mr. Zhang Huailin said in the speech: “Chinese believe that small steps will lead to greater things. I hope that one small step for the candidates today could be one giant leap for the hospitality industry tomorrow. Wish candidates a great achievement and wish the summit a big success.” 

On 19 October, executives also brought candidates professional discussion and speeches.

Mr. Jin Weitao, Dasein Founder and CEO 

The first keynote speaking The New Hospitality Industry Under the Impact of the Millennial ---Bed& Breakfast was presented by Mr. Jin Weitao. In his view, the Millennial was not concerned with adequate food and clothing any more. They wanted the quality of life improving. The warm service offered by B&B was a new form delivering warmth and linking kindness. 


Mr. Wu Shaoyong, Manager of Education Department, Beijing Shiji Information Technology Co., LTD

The second keynote speaking The New Hospitality Industry Under the Impact of the Millennial ---The Application of Digital Technology in Hotel was presented by Mr. Wu Shaoyong.

Panel Discussion II: How to Draw Up the Unique Talent Training Program with the Innovation Demands of the Millennial

Mr. William Latour Made Challenge Announcement

Challenge Announcement:

Define Lifestyle Hotel of the next generation

What will be the main challenge?

How will you solve them?

Over 90 students were assigned to nine teams, organizing group discussion on 20 October, and presenting the outcome to the public.

Finally, Team D won the best team by the presentation Updated Lifestyle Hotel.

Team D presented their design by a role play, expressing the Millennial’s longing for the equality between the practitioners and the customers. 

Candidates in the Discussion


Mr. William Latour in the Q&A Links

Candidate from Guilin Tourism University said that all the team members were super excited after winning the best team. They were pleased that their idea was resonate to Mr. William Latour.

Leading teacher from  Southwest Petroleum University was very happy to see students winning the award and was look forward to attending the next summit.

Translated by Danielle Feng

©2015 Beijing Hospitality Institute