2018 BHI Open Day/ Craze of Overseas Study Led by Twenty-four Academic Institutions in Nine Countries

    Are you always worried about the dispersion of campus talk? Do you have to travel across more than half of the city to join in the education exhibition? Do you have any ideal schools but have no idea about the application flow and visa processing? 
    On October 23rd 2018, the first-session BHI Open Day was held on the fourth-floor library reading room where 24 academic institutions from 9 countries had been invited to provide one-stop counseling services for students in school profile, curriculum system, application flow, visa processing and language training. At 1:00-4:00 pm that day, all schools built the exhibition counter on the fourth floor of the library and offered one-to-one counseling services to students interested in overseas study. Meantime, these schools held career talk by turns. At 4:00-5:00 pm, alumni Xue Jianxiong, Gao Bilin and Fu Yue who once joined in international exchange projects shared their experience with students. Longre IELTS Training Institution also dispatched teachers to preside over IELTS training lecturers. 

2018 BHI Open Day 

Dr. Gao Sontao, President of Beijing Hospitality Institute Visited the Site to Communicate with Schools and Students 

    Dr. Gao also visited the site to positively communicated with school representatives. They stated that students of Beijing Hospitality Institute could always quickly adapt to the environment, and have the most outstanding internship performance among overall international students and receive good reputation from teachers and employers. 
    Through wonderful propaganda given by school deputies and meticulous counseling services, students knew about different learning atmospheres and life experience in different schools. 

    Students who visited the site all had expectations on overseas study. In the process of student interview, all schools gave high praise for students from Beijing Hospitality Institute and successively presented the highlight of their academic projects such as scholarship, internship opportunity, featured course and speciality to attract numerous students. 
    "Scholarship system this year grants six quota of Chinese Ambassador Scholarship. Moreover, the scholarship remits half tuition fees. If students do not pass through the application of Chinese Ambassador Scholarship, the school would automatically distribute 3000 pounds scholarship as long as they reach GPA 85 points or 2000 pounds scholarship as long as they reach GPA 80 points."
    "I recommend Sports Business Management Specialty. Covering rehabilitation, medical care and sports engineering majors, the specialty prefers the orientation of business management. Since the British city Sheffield has a mature sports industry, two soccer leagues and plenty of stadiums, many sports events are held in Sheffield. The city has rather wide career prospects. Moreover, Sports Business Management Specialty is also suitable for talents in Beijing Hospitality Institute." 
    "I join in the activity every year. This activity leaves favorable impressions on me. First of all, I really appreciate that the activity dispatches volunteer assistants to me for the first time. After all, a hotel management institute should betray the professionalism either in outer appearance or in intrinsic nature." 
    "All sorts of internship and practice activities for students fabricate the foremost feature of teaching of the school. The school regularly organizes students to have field visit in the internship unit and learn about the real situations. Meanwhile, the school also invites experts to give lectures and convey first-hand industry field experience to students." 
    "Our project is to give three-year work permit to all graduates. Therefore, after graduation, students could utilize the three-year work permit to find favorite job in the desired industry. Although our school does not have any internship opportunity yet, students will have numerous job opportunities in the future." 
All Teachers Possibly Preached Project Highlight to Students in a Short Time 
Gratitude Extended by School Representatives to Students in the Morning 
Group Photo of International Exchange Center Teachers and Volunteers 
    Students who came here for counseling holding the materials of numerous schools also highly affirmed the activity. 
    "I have consulted three schools that I am mostly interested in and have full understanding about the application flow and curricular system. Now, I plan to inquire more information about another two schools. Probably I would have unexpected findings." 
    "The teacher from that Australian school well explains my questions. In addition to the project, we also talk a lot about career planning." 
    This activity covering numerous nationalities, schools and projects allowed students to contact with their desired schools in a short time and possibly have in-depth exchange with school deputies. The International Exchange Center would continually collaborate with other departments of the institute to reinforce school internationalization, expand students’ international horizon and launch more and better international exchange projects for students and teachers. 

Interviewed by Yang Yucong, Qi Zhengji, Yang Chen, Tang Jiqin
               Xiang Tongqing, Gu Xinyu, Xu Jiyuan, Li Sibo
Photo by Chen Hanlong, Zhang Lu, Wu Zhuoyao, Wang Lili, Zhang Jiaming, Qiu Mengchen
Edited by Danielle Feng
Translated by Wang Xin

©2015 Beijing Hospitality Institute