Colorful Studying Experience in BHI

    On September 12th, short-term overseas students from Chongju University started their study life in Beijing Hospitality Institute. Now, it has been two months. Let’s have a look at their colorful life in Beijing Hospitality Institute. 
    In addition to routine Chinese Course, the school specifically adds Hotel Culture Trial Course for overseas students so that they can better experience hotel culture. 

Teacher Sun Hao Taught Reception Course to Overseas Students

Group Photo of Overseas Students and House Keeping Course Teacher 

Overseas Student Xu Yujing Made Chinese Food under the Instruction of Teachers 

Group phtot at Chinese Food Preparation Course 

Group Photo with Teacher Ju Yunlei at Wine Tasting Course 
    For helping overseas students better learn Chinese culture, teachers in International Communication Center lead overseas students to visit scenic spots and historical sites in Beijing. As stated by overseas students, “The Great Wall is really magnificent and so different from what we have seen on TV.”

Group Photo of Badaling Great Wall 

Group Photo at The Imperial Palace 
    Through visiting the scenic spots and historical sites in Beijing and attending the Hotel Culture Trial Course arranged by the school, overseas students further deepen their understanding about traditional culture of China and better learn Chinese. Overseas students all express that “although we have to attend the four-hour Chinese Course every morning, we could study the Hotel Culture Trial Course in spare time. It is very interesting. Moreover, we have great fun at Chinese Food Preparation Course.” Besides, they often inquire teachers in International Communication Center whether they could join in more relevant courses and activities. 

    As for the oncoming Internship Dual-Option Recruitment Fair, these overseas students say that although they are nervous, they will still make full preparations for it. They have a firm belief that they can have outstanding performance at the Internship Dual-Option Recruitment Fair. 

Edited by Wei Quan, International Exchange Center

Translated by Wang Xin

©2015 Beijing Hospitality Institute