Internship Advisers Visited Hotels to Witness the Transformation and Growth of Student Interns

    In a blink of an eye, the students of the grade 2018 have been working on their internship positions for nearly three months. BHI Career Center and internship advisers often communicate with the students by phone or WeChat, answering questions for them and helping them solve practical problems. Many advisers went to the hotel to send care and offer guidance to students face to face.

微信图片_20191026220614.jpgInternship adviser Bai Ge (fourth from right) visited interns at East Hotel Beijing
    As the management department of the internship of BHI students, the Career Center is responsible for the liaison and guidance for students’ internship. As a representative of the Career Center, internship adviser Bai Ge paid an in-depth visit to East Hotel Beijing. Serving as a “intimate elder sister”, she had intensive communication with the students and answered patiently to the problems they had met in the hotel.  She encouraged the students to keep learning patiently, make  progress constantly, practice seriously the core values of BHI “respect, professionalism, responsibility” and complete the internship task safely and happily .

Feelings from the internship advisers:

微信图片_20191026220651.jpgIntern adviser Wang Yunfeng (first from left) visited the Grand Millennium Beijing

    “In different hotels, student interns have different problems. In the process of offering guidance, I position myself as a friend to the students, hoping to share joy and happiness with them and face the pressure and difficulties together, and try my best to help the them to deal with problems to solve their anxiety, gaining the friendship between teachers and students. There are still three months of internship. Next, I will spend more time visiting hotels in Beijing to send more care and greetings to students, and truly understand their difficulties and troubles in the internship. I will also strengthen the telephone and WeChat communication with the student interns outside Beijing, to boost their morale.”

微信图片_20191026220700.jpgInternship adviser Xu Shanshan (third from right) visited Mandarin Oriental Beijing
    "As an internship adviser, I need to strengthen the communication with the interns, the HR department of the intern hotels and even the head of the department where an intern works, serving as a bridge. In the process of internship guidance, we need to give students spiritual company, behavior supervision and work guidance so as to accompany their growth and help them to objectively and rationally look at the various difficulties encountered in the internship. According to the different situations in the internship, we need to give different but appropriate guidance.”
微信图片_20191026220709.jpgInternship adviser Wu Kai (first from left), and Cai Chang’e (first from right)visited Four Seasons Hotel Tianjin
    “After over two months internship, the students have changed a lot. At the beginning, they couldn’t adapt to their jobs, didn’t understand their work content or job duties, didn’t dare to serve guests actively, and even feared of working alone. But now they can adapt to various jobs in different departments, work independently, complete the work content on their own, and enjoy communicating with guests. This is a very great progress, and worthy of encouragement and recognition. The HR department of the hotel also gave a high appraise to the interns of BHI. In the communication, they said that the BHI students were far superior to other interns in terms of learning ability and adaptability, and their performance on the posts was also excellent. They also mentioned that BHI students tried to solve problems at work by myself and did very well in communicating with the managers. I am looking forward to the successful completion of their internship, through which they can have a further understanding of the management mode and operation mode of a hotel.”
微信图片_20191026220718.jpgInternship adviser Zhang Dong Juan (fourth from right) visited the China World Hotel
    “Through continuous visits and daily guidance, I not only feel the care of the hotel for the interns, but also realize that the students have gradually adapted to the working pace of the hotel. As a teacher who has guided internship for many times, I learned about different hotel systems, cultures and policies for interns through communication with HR of various hotels. This has strengthened my contact with the industry, and gives me a chance to know the latest trends and knowledge of the industry, which I can bring into the classroom. In the future, I will keep in close contact with various hotels to learn about students’ internship status and their comments about the hotels, so as to help them overcome difficulties and complete the internship tasks successfully.”
微信图片_20191026220725.jpgIntern adviser Zhang Ping (fifth from left) visited Rosewood Beijing
    “The internship team at Rosewood Beijing is very active and has been taken care of by graduates from BHI. They have quickly adapted to the hard work of the internship, and their comprehensive ability has been greatly improved. As an intern adviser, it is very important to help students solve their confusion and channel their negative emotions during the internship. I hope students in the internship use their  brains and hands more, make a plan for their future graduation thesis and collect relative materials during the internship. As a teacher, I will continue to help students by all means”
微信图片_20191026220732.jpgIntern adviser Wang Yang (second from left) visited the Grand Millennium Beijing
    “Through communication with the human resources department of the hotel, I found that the hotel highly recognize the interns from BHI. They describe that our students have quick wits and are good at communicating and sharing ideas. As their internship adviser, I was just like a parent to the students. Every time when I visited the interns in the hotel, they shared their gains and difficulties in the  internship with me just like sharing with their parents. From the communication with students, I can feel the psychological changes of students in the process of internship.Through the internship, students can have a clearer understanding of the hotel industry.”

微信图片_20191026220738.jpgIntership adviser Wang Shameng (second of the front line from right) visited Puxuan Hotel

微信图片_20191026220839.jpgIntership adviser Chu Jing (second of the front line from right) visited Beijing Hotel NUO
微信图片_20191026220846.jpgIntership adviser Zhou Bing (forth from left) visited the Doubletree by Hilton Beijing
    Internship is not only a compulsory course for students of BHI, but also a good opportunity for them to have a deep understanding of the hotel industry and the operation mode of a hotel. Through the internship, students can not only apply the theoretical knowledge learned in class to practice, but also constantly discover the shortcomings of theoretical knowledge in practice, which will lay a solid foundation for future study in the school. Internship advisers are the most powerful supporters to the students having internship out of BHI. The advisers are always concerned about the internship status of the students , and always ready to provide students with practice guidance and services. May all the students of grade 2018 keep growing up in the internship and successfully complete the internship tasks!

Photo: Feng Rui, Internship and Career Guidance Center, and all internship advisers
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