Alumni Sharing: Song Chen, No Regrets


Song Chen

Class of 2012

Vice President of Student Union

Golden Key Scholarship Awarded

HR Director, Secretary of the Board, Jinjiang Shiji Fliport Hotel, Fliport Hotels & Resort

Song's Story in BHI

Unforgettable Times: Fruitful Gains from Activities

    "In BHI, I founded the e-Sports club, the process of which made me understand the importance of teamwork. Going for a place in Student Union, Golden Key Scholarship, study trip program in Lausanne all strengthened my ability of public speaking. Activities were pearl, making me a pearl necklace of success."


Song Chen Organized Career Fair and Brand Promotion

    "In BHI, everyone has two chances to do their internship. Before start, no one knows what they like to do in the future. After the internship, most students could form a basic career plan with clearer goals. Thus, graduates of BHI could easily adapt to career life."

Song's Personal Development


The Hotel Song Currently Worked at 

Grand View of Jinjiang Shiji Fliport Hotel

Song's Development as A Hotelier
Raffles Hotel HR trainee
Training Manager of Crown Plaza Beijing Chaoyang U-Town
Senior HR Director of Fliport Hotels & Resort, Head Office
Fuzhou Seaview Fliport Resort
(Pre-Opening, 100,000m², 670 Rooms)
HR Director, Secretary of the Board, Jinjiang Shiji Fliport Hotel, Fliport Hotels & Resort

Working Experience: Step by Step, To the Best


In Charge of Talents Development Program

Song Did Leadership Training for Colleagues 

    "My values and professionalism were formed from the working experience of internship and placement in IHG. In head office of Fliport Hotels & Resort, I got in touch with talents development programs, training plans, rewards management system, which trained my mindset of working in a group and my competencies of program management."

Pre-Opening: Gained Sense of Achievement


Fuzhou Seaview Fliport Resort Pre-Opening Team

Song Chen (the Third from Right)

    "If you decide to stay in hotel industry, you must not miss the chance to join a pre-opening team. Pre-opening involves so many patterns including design, purchase, markeing, etc. Witness the hotel opening and you will gain a great sense of achievement." 

Facing COVID-19: Helping More with Career Deveelopment

    In order to help more people, facing the outbreak of COVID-19, Song united with several HR directors working in TOP 500 enterprises to set up a Wudoumi Workshop.They used their off work time to help graduates make career plan, enhance interview skills and leadership.

    "COVID-19 makes the city paused and people quarantined at home, while internship and employment would not pause. People should use this term to improve themselves."


Fuzhou Seaview Fliport Resort Open

Song Chen (the Eighth from Left)

    In 2020, BHI sets up Human Resource Management Bachelor Program.

    "Sooner or later, we would face HR. You are either interviewed or interviewing others. From this, you could see the importance of this major."

    Q: Why HR?

    A: I joined HR section by chance when I was doing my internship. I was fond of training after I got involved. In the beginning, I thought I would be a trainer, giving lectures everywhere. After 10 years, I found HR actually is a broad concept. Friends in hotell industry, business operation or any other industries always invite me to share my experience.

    Q: How to be a competent HR?

    A: In my view, a competent HR has to know the business his employer is doing. This requires lots of professional knowledge and experience. If you know the business and HR, you will definitely have a bright future. 

Song's Family 
Left: Tong Chen, Song's Wife, Class of 2012
Middle: Song's Mother and Daughter

    In BHI, I met lecturers and professors who taught me how to do and what to be.

    I met friends who spent crazy days  with me together.

    And my dearest love.

Text: Li Jinyi, Class of 2023; Wu Jinna, Admission Office
Photo: Song Chen, Class of 2012, BHI website
Edition: Gao Yan, News Center

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