Teikyo University of Science and Technology Offered Online Courses for BHI Health Service and Management Majors

    On November 23rd, Kusunaga, a teacher in the Department of Medical Care and Welfare of Teikyo University of Science and Technology, brought an online course themed“Medical Care and Welfare of the Elderly in Japan”to BHI grade 2020  students majoring in health service and management through online live video.The main teachers of this course are Yamada Kenji , chief of the Medical And Welfare Department of Teikyo University of Science and Technology, Fujisaku, chief of the Educational Administration Department and Professor Kusunaga.Zeng Liting, dean assistant Of BHI Academic Affairs Department, made supplementary explanations to the students.

Students listened to the lecture carefully
    Professor Kusunaga shared with the students the development social insurance system and the operation form of social insurance for the elderly in Japan.
The course of “Medical Care for the r=Elderly in Japan”


Professor Kusunaga 


Students asked questions actively to participate in the interaction
    In the course, except for Kusunaga’s  wonderful lectures, BHI students raised some meaningful research questions.The teaching team of Teikyo University of Science and Technology promise that they will continue offering more special courses to BHI students majoring health service and management in the future.

Photo and Text: Yang Zhiqi, Professional Foundation Office

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