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    BHI alumni working in NIO

    # The employment situation of BHI alumni in NIO

    Currently, there are a total of 17 BHI alumni working in NIO, whose positions are mainly product experts, consultants, delivery operations, space operations, etc., among which sales positions occupy the most, and their salaries are very competitive in the industry.
    In this session, BHI Alumni Association invited four alumni representatives to share their stories from BHI to NIO.

    Introduction to alumni representatives
Mao Shiyu
BHI graduate of Year 2018
In BHI, she was the vice president of the Student Union of BHI, and won the tittles of outstanding class leader, BHI scholarship winner and outstanding graduate.
In NIO, she is now a product expert .

Bi Jichuan
BHI graduate of Year 2020
In BHI, he was a member of the Sports Department of the Student Union.
In NIO, he is currently a consultant. 

Zhong Siqi
BHI graduate of Year 2021
In BHI, she was a member of the Dandelion Team.
In NIO, she is now a product expert.

Dou Ziyu
BHI graduate of Year 2021
In BHI, he was the monitor in the class.
In NIO, he is now a delivery specialist.


    Exclusive interview with alumni

    Why did you choose NIO rather than the familiar hotel industry?

    Mao Shiyu
    NIO’s commitment to user experience coincides with the “service” concept in the hotel industry. The work team of NIO are young, energetic and cohesive. From the enterprise culture to the working atmosphere, all the aspects make me have confidence and determination to grow together with it!
Mao Shiyu (first row, left) celebrated her birthday at NIO.

    Zhong Siqi
    When I received the offer from NIO, I was very excited. I am very grateful to BHI for giving me the opportunity to try different industries and join NIO. New energy vehicle is the mainstream of vehicle development, and NIO is a leader in the industry. Besides, the values of NIO are very attractive to me. They are sincerity, care, vision and action. NIO pays extreme respect to the ideas of users. Every owner of NIO can participate in the co-creation community activities of NIO House (Cow House for short), and the user experience is excellent.

    What are the advantages of BHI graduates in NIO?

    Mao Shiyu
    The unique nurturing campus culture and the teaching mode of combining theory and practice of BHI enable us to quickly get the hang of work. Moreover, the new energy vehicle industry is developing rapidly, which requires employees with super executive ability.

    Bi Jichuan
    The application-oriented management talents cultivated by BHI have richer working experience and stronger service awareness, which enables them to stand out easily at work.

    Zhong Siqi

    Under the education system of BHI, students could gain good communication skills, professional ethics and excellent professional qualities, and behave in a graceful manner, which gives them great advantages to quickly integrate into their careers.

    Dou Ziyu
    BHI’s special courses, nurturing education mode and two internship experiences enable students to fully practice and make a good first impression.

    In the future, BHI will continue to cultivate application-oriented management talents with good professional ethics, professional qualities and professional skills for the industries!

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