The 10th Future Hoteliers Summit was Successfully Held in BHI

    On October 28th, the 10th Future Hoteliers Summit (FHS) opened at Beijing Hospitality Institute. The forum theme of this year isDigital Changes, 'Marketing' in the Future -- Transformation and upgrading of digital marketing of hotels and pan-service industry in the era of new media". The forum was mainly divided into four parts, namely keynote speech, summit dialogue, topic discussion and ultimate challenge, which were completely planned and organized by the BHI students on their own.

Dr. Xin Tao, general secretary of China Tourist Hotel Association and general supervisor of BHI, delivered a speech

    Its a time of uncertainty as well as a time of uncertainty. The industry is entering a new equilibrium period, and it is also building a new moat and core competitiveness through digitalization. In such a time, we need to pay tribute to the thoughtful risk-takers who have levered the fulcrum.’ And taking advantage of their efforts, our industry will take a big step forward.

Dr. Gao Songtao, President of BHI,delivered a speech

Since 2011, the Future Hoteliers Summit has been independently organized and held every year by BHI students. After 11 years of development, it has become a brand of BHI and has gained a place in the hotel industry. We continue to inherit and innovate, and here welcome the 10th forum today. With innovation and breakthrough as the core purpose of this forum, I hope you can share more cutting-edge knowledge and find out new countermeasures that are more in line with the situation. We also hope that participants from all colleges and universities will come up with new ideas and creativity in the fierce brainstorming, and contribute new strength to the future of the endless hotel industry!Zhang Yefan, head of FHS Information and Academic Division, made a speech

    As the head of the Information and Academic Division of this forum, Zhang Yefan, a BHI student of Class 2019, extended a warm welcome to all the distinguished guests and contestants from the universities. She briefly introduced the original intention and development of the forum, and put forward the good wish of FHS to favor the digital transformation and development of the hotel industry!

     As an outstanding model on the road of brand development, Mr. Zhu Mingsheng, an expert in hotel industry strategy, innovation and digital management, talked about the hotel marketing mode in the digital era around the theme of artificial intelligence and hotel digital marketing status quo, essence and the future of the hotel industry from three aspects:the content deepening, channel change and algorithm upgrading. Mr. Zhao Xianglong, chairman of Longzang Capital, analyzed the development trend of hotel industry assisted by artificial intelligence around the theme of artificial intelligence and the future of hotel industry.

    Mr.Thibaud Geffroy, general manager of Puxuan Hotel Beijing, Mr. Dany Lützel, general manager of Yiheng Hotel Beijing, Mr. Liao Huangzhi, CEO of Manlan Hotel Management (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Mr. Ma Fei, general manager of Hualuxe Beijing Xinan, and Ms. Mao Mao, manager of Beijing Rosewood Hotel had a summit dialogue around the topic ofhow to unlock the new trend of digital marketing. Hu Teci, a teacher from the Foreign Language Office of BHI, acted as the hostess of this dialogue. The guests expressed their different views around the topic and shared many new ideas for the future development of digital hotel industry.

    During the topic discussion session, Mr. Gong Lianmeng, chief experience officer and vice president of Lu Ma Intelligent Technology Co., LTD., served as the host. With the help of Ms. Li Vanadium, marketing director of ICON Information, Mr. Cai Lei, commercial director of Waldorf Astoria Hotel Beijing, and Ms. Niu Qian, revenue management director of Hualuxe Beijing Xinan, the future leaders of the hotel industry had a heated debate on the topicData flow, a favor or a wrong path in the digital age? This topic aims to discuss how to cultivate the cooperation ability, logical thinking ability, language expression ability and organization ability of the team in all aspects, at all levels and from multiple perspectives.

    An ultimate challenging competition was set up in the forum. 52 students from 25 universities across China took "FHS Parent-child theme hotel" as the designing object to demonstrate hotel online digital marketing and promotion plan. They were randomly divided into nine teams online, and each team contained of 5-6 students. Mr. Ma Fei, general manager of Hualuxe Beijing Xinan, Mr. Shen Chang (online), representative of Swiss Education Group China North District, Mr. Xu Longyang, dean of Academic Affairs Department of BHI, Mrs. Lu Tong, deputy dean of Academic Affairs Department, and Mr. Shao Chao, vice director of Student Affairs Department, served as the judges. The creative designs and presentations of the contestants won the recognition of both online and offline audiences and the judges. Finally, the teamDream Kingdomwon the championship while the teamDeep Blue and teamQueue for Nucleic Acidwon the second and third place respectively.

As the competition ended, the 10th Future Hoteliers Summit came to a perfect closing. Looking back at the whole process of the forum, all the contestants from colleges not only broadened their horizons, strengthened their understanding of the hotel industry, understood the most cutting-edge information in the hotel industry, but also input a steady stream of vitality and creativity into the hotel industry. In the future, the forum will continue to provide more opportunities for future hotel elites to learn and grow through professional dialogues between hotel management companies, colleges and young hoteliers in the hotel industry.

Text: HuangYiyun, FHS Media Public Relations Division

Photo: Camera Team of BHI Press Corps

Editor: Gao Yan and Feng He, News Center

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