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Recently, Li Jiawei, director of the China Office of De Montfort University, and Qiao Fang, manager of Cooperation and Development Department of De Montfort University visited BHI. They had in-depth discussions with Sun Qiao, director of Admissions Department, and Hu Xiuying, director of International Exchange Center and other relevant officials of BHI and took a look around BHI campus.


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The two sides discussed the specific situation of the 2+2 joint training program, the 3+1 cooperation program and the China-UK international undergraduate talent training seminar for BHI faculty, and reached the intention of strategic cooperation.



Hu Xiuying, director of International Exchange Center of BHI and other responsible persons, showed the guests around the teaching sites with BHI characteristics and introduced the arrangement of practical operation courses and the talent training model of BHI to them.



At the same time, Cao Bingyin, deputy director of the Global Affairs Department of the International Education Center of Northern Arizona University, visited BHI and had in-depth discussions with Sun Qiao, director of the Admissions Department, Hu Xiuying, director of the International Exchange Center, and other relevant officials of BHI.



During the panel discussion, the two sides introduced in detail their educational philosophy, subject advantages, teaching settings, admission and employment, etc. They focused on the 2+2 double degree courses and master's courses, which are currently available to BHI students. The two sides had an in-depth discussion on the concerns of students and reached a consensus on further deepening cooperation.


The guests spoke highly of the practical course arrangement, international teaching concept, rich student activities and advanced teaching equipment of BHI. The school-running model of BHI has also been highly recognized by foreign colleges and universities. It is believed that with the joint efforts of all parties in the future, the road of studying abroad for BHI students will be much smoother.



Text: Wang Zixuan, International Exchange Center

Photo: Bo Haoran, Shi Junyi, Wu Peiying, and Zhao Ziyue, BHI Press Corps

Type setting: Zheng Qiushi, BHI Press Corps

Editor: Gao Yan, News Center


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