International Exchange | BHI and Swiss Education Group Opens A New Chapter of International Cooperation

On March 21st, Dr. Dominic Szambowski, president of Swiss Hotel Management School, and a delegation from Swiss Education Group visited BHI for an exchange. The delegation of Swiss Education Group is composed of leaders of SEG CHINA, including Hu Rongming, director of School Cooperation, He Jianhui, director of University Cooperation Program, Zheng Guanghua, director of Operation, Huang Zhe, admissions officer of North China, and accompanying assistants.1.jpgGroup photo of the two sides

Dr. Gao Songtao, president of BHI, Xu Longyang, dean of Academic Affairs Department, Sun Qiao, director of Admission Affairs Department, Yu Weimin, vice dean of Academic Affairs Department, and Hu Xiuying, director of International Exchange Center, attended the reception and talk with the guests. The purpose of this exchange is to strengthen the in-depth cooperation and exchanges between BHI and the Swiss Hotel Management School as well as other schools in the Swiss Education Group, and further promote the development of international education on both sides.2.jpgMr.Dominic Szambowski visited the Coffee Lab of BHI3.jpgMr.Dominic Szambowski interacted with students in Ruige Restaurant4.jpgVisit to the wine-tasting classroom

Mr. Dominic Szambowski and the delegation of Swiss Education Group spoke highly of the advanced teaching equipment and perfect practical teaching environment of BHI. They also paid  a compliment to the practical teaching places and operating modes of BHI, such as the Training Hotel and Ruige Restaurant, and acknowledged the teaching mode that focuses on improving students' professional qualities.


During the talk, Dr. Gao Songtao shared the unique education philosophy and teaching model of BHI. Mr. Dominic Szambowski highly approved of the education philosophy of BHI and believed that the management model of BHI is very advanced and unique among the universities he has visited, reaching the standards of world-class hotel management schools. After the talk, Dr. Gao Songtao presented the appointment letter of Visiting Professor to Mr. Dominic Szambowski, expecting him to bring more cutting-edge academic lectures and industry information to the teachers and students of BHI in the future.6.jpg

The talk between the two sides7.jpgDr. Gao Songtao presented the appointment letter of Visiting Professor to Mr. Dominic Szambowski8.jpgHu Rongming, director of School Cooperation of SEG, introduced the Swiss education mode

After the talk, Mr. Dominic Szambowski attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition The Evolution of Chinese Hotel Names in Three Thousand Years held by BHI Library. He delivered a speech in the ceremony and unveiled the start of exhibition.9.jpgMr. Dominic Szambowski delivered the speech

In the afternoon, Mr. Dominic Szambowski presented a keynote lecture titled Global Hospitality Industry Trends and Education in Switzerlandto BHI students. In this lecture, he introduced the advanced education model of Switzerland to the students, shared his experience and knowledge in the field of hotel management education, and analyzed the latest development trends and future sustainable development trends of the hotel management industry. At the site, many students said that they benefited a lot and had a deeper understanding of the hotel management industry.10.jpgWonderful scene of the lecture

SEG is an important partner of BHI. This visit and talk will further promote the multi-dimensional in-depth cooperation between the two sides. In the future, relying on the teacher exchange, academic lecture, joint training, curriculum docking and many other patterns, the cooperation in talent training and academic exchanges will be strengthened jointly to promote the process of international education of both sides, providing students with broader international exchange and learning opportunities and laying a solid foundation for them to become international competitive talents.

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