International Exchange | BHI Opens A New Chapter in Cooperation with the University of Plymouth

On April 6th, Dr. Huang Rong, executive vice dean and acting dean of Business School of the University of Plymouth(UK), associate professor of Tourism Marketing, Peng Yuyan, director of China Office, and Cui Qing, specialist of China Office in Beijing, visited BHI. Dr. Gao Songtao, president of BHI, Xu Longyang, dean of Academic Affairs Department, Sun Qiao, director of Admissions Affairs Department, Yu Weimin, deputy dean of Academic Affairs Department, Sun Dongliang, assistant director of Admissions Affairs Department and director of Admissions Office, Hu Xiuying, director of International Exchange Center, attended the reception. The two sides had in-depth discussions on strengthening the in-depth cooperation and exchanges between BHI and the University of Plymouth, and promoting the development of international education between the two sides.微信图片_20230411093700.jpg

Wang Ning, resident manager of BHI Training Hotel, showed the guests around the banquet hall of the Training hotel, Chinese and Western restaurants, Ruikang Caring Center and other characteristic practical teaching sites. The guests spoke highly of the curriculum, practical teaching, facilities and equipment, and said that it was very professional, just like a real hotel in operation.


Showing the guests around

During the talk, Dr. Gao Songtao, president of BHI, introduced the education philosophy and teaching model of BHI to the guests. He said that BHI has been committed to cultivating students’ professional qualities and skills, closely focusing on the needs of the industry, combining theoretical teaching and practical teaching, and aiming at the integration of teaching and operation and integration of industry, teaching and research. The guests highly recognized the unique education philosophy and teaching model of BHI.

Dr. Huang Rong stated that BHI has a distinctive school-running philosophy, a high teaching level and a strong practical teaching. She said that the University of Plymouth is willing to strengthen the cooperation with BHI and promote bilateral cooperation through faculty exchange, joint training and curriculum docking, so as to provide students with broader opportunities for international exchange and study.微信图片_20230411093720.jpg

The talk between the sides

Dr. Huang Rong also walked into the class of students and presented a lecture titled“Analysis of Hotel Market Environment ,”which covered the current hotel market environment and the concept and composition of SWOT analysis, as well as the relationship between them and practical cases. The students learned a lot from the lecture.


Dr. Huang Rong gave a keynote lecture on“Analysis of Hotel Market Environment ”


BHI has always been committed to providing students with high-quality teaching environment and practical opportunities, through the cooperation with well-known foreign universities, to create a global academic platform and career development opportunities for students, so that students can better grow and develop in the international background. The cooperation between BHI and the University of Plymouth will provide better international learning and exchange opportunities for BHI students, and help to enhance the internationalization level of BHI.

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