Dr. Mao Mao, Manager of Rosewood Beijing and Visiting Professor of BHI, Conducted an Unannounced Inspection over Marketing Courses for Hospitality Majors

In order to comprehensively improve the teaching quality of BHI and strengthen the quality monitoring of the teaching process, Dr. Mao Mao, manager of Rosewood Beijing and visiting professor of BHI, had an unannounced inspection over the marketing courses for hospitality majors.

Professor Mao, accompanied by Xu Longyang, dean of Academic Affairs Department, Lu Tong, deputy dean of Academic Affairs Department, and Zhou Guilan, the teaching supervisor, experienced the teaching operation of Western restaurant and inspected the teaching environment. Accompanied by Yu Tao, director of the Marketing and Strategy Office, and Li Junli, a teacher of the Teaching Quality Assessment Center, she went deep into the classrooms to join the class. She listened to many classes including the brand management of Ms. Wang Shameng, the online digital marketing of Ms. Li Hui and the hotel planning and development of Ms. Zhao Tong. After class, Professor Mao  made a careful evaluation of the classes and had face-to-face communication with the teachers.微信图片_20230413223116.png

Professor Mao attended the class of online and digital marketing


Communication between Professor Mao and teachers


Professor Mao attended the class of hotel planning and development

After listening to the classes, with the hosting of the dean Xu Longyang, Professor Mao Mao provided feedback of the inspection to deputy dean Lu Tong, some teachers of the marketing major, and the supervisor of the Teaching Quality Assessment Center.

Xu Longyang, dean of Academic Affairs Department, expressed his welcome to Professor Mao and presented his gratitude to Professor Mao and Rosewood Beijing for their consistent guidance and support to BHI. After the introduction about the marketing courses by Yu Tao, the director of the Marketing and Strategy Office, Professor Mao made her evaluation and feedback on the teaching operations, the lessons, and other related issues. She fully affirmed the professional grooming, case-based teaching method, and the sincere and rigorous teaching attitude of BHI teachers.

Professor Mao put forward suggestions in different aspects, such as   stimulating students’ independent thinking ability, integrating technological elements into teaching materials, giving more of the class time to students and developing students' self-display ability. About  teaching materials, she suggested teachers not only focus on the timeliness of them, but also pay attention to the close integration of data and theoretical knowledge with products in the current market, so that to improve students’ market perception ability and enhance their learning initiative.

As the first industry expert to conduct unannounced inspections in this semester, Professor Mao Mao hopes that in the future BHI could increase the number of unannounced inspections, pay attention to the diversity and layering of the inspectors, and improve teaching quality in various ways.

Professor Mao also had in-depth discussions with teachers on their  concerned issues, including the cross-boundary and innovative development of hotel industry, the expectation of hotels for new forces to provide inspiration, and the establishment of high-level courses in marketing.


Professor Mao Mao had in-depth exchanges with teachers of Academic Affairs Department 

Through the inspection, communication and feedback, the participating teachers have benefited greatly in the construction of the marketing curriculum system, teaching content, and improvement of teaching methods. In the future, such activities will continue to be held to comprehensively improve the teaching quality of BHI.


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