Disclosure of the Signer of the 2023 Beijing Hospitality Institute Admission Notice

According to the requirements of the Ministry of Education of China,

The signer of 2023 Beijing Hospitality Institute Admission Notice

Is disclosed as follows:

The signer of

2023 Beijing Hospitality Institute

  Admission Notice

 is Dr. Gao Songtao

president of Beijing Hospitality Institute.

 Message from the president:

Dear students:

Welcome to join Beijing Hospitality Institute. It is a happy thing to come to study in BHI. As the Huangpu Military Academy in the hotel industry, we have a globally leading curriculum, comprehensive teaching facilities, professional faculty, and unique campus culture with BHI characteristics, allowing you to immerse yourselves in experiential learning and cultivate good professional qualities  through professional learning. In BHI, we adhere to the principle of teaching by example, educating people, cultivating professional qualities, and cultivating professional skills, which are the cornerstones of the success of every BHI student. We aim to cultivate students to be upright and do right things, and become talents who are beneficial to the country, society, and self-development.

When you join BHI, we are a family. In this big family, when we encounter difficulties, we help each other, and when we encounter problems, we discuss and find solutions together. In BHI, teachers and students are a family and a team. Each of our faculty is always ready to wholeheartedly provide services for everyone and is willing to help everyone with their hearts.

I hope that every student has an interest or hobby, and a favourite sport to meet the challenges with the fullest mental state. Physical and mental health is the foundation of our lives, as well as the foundation determining how far we can go in the future, and also the best interpretation of theWork Hard, Play Harderthat BHI people often talk about.

President of Beijing Hospitality Institute

Dr. Gao Songtao


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