A New Journey Begins | BHI Welcomes the Class of 2023 with an Opening Ceremony and Welcome Party

On the evening of September 8th, amidst the light drizzle, the Beijing Hospitality Institute (BHI) officially commenced the 2023 Opening Ceremony and Welcome Party. The entire class of 2023 attended in their finest attire, marking the beginning of a wonderful four-year journey in university life. Dr. Gao Songtao, the Dean of BHI, industry guests, parent representatives, alumni representatives, and faculty representatives all graced the occasion, celebrating the arrival of the new semester together.01.jpg02.jpgOpening Ceremony


Accompanied by the joint performance of "BHI Welcomes You" by faculty and student representatives, the 2023 "Hearts Set, A New Journey Begins" Opening Ceremony and Welcome Party officially commenced.


The host of the opening ceremony


Raising the national flag, followed by the collective singing of the national anthem


Representatives from foreign partner institutions extend their best wishes to the Class of 2023.08.jpg

Mr. Liang Rucheng, the parent representative of the Class of 2023, conveys his best wishes to the new students for the start of the school year.09.jpgA representative from the industry guests conveys their best wishes to the Class of 2023.10.jpg

Dr. Gao Songtao, the Dean of the Beijing Hospitality Institute (BHI).

"A warm welcome to the Class of 2023 as you join the BHI family! We appreciate the trust and support of all the parents who have chosen BHI for their children. We are also grateful for the industry friends present here today; your support and assistance have contributed to BHI's success. Thanks to all our alumni, whose achievements and honor have brought glory to BHI. We also extend our gratitude to our international partner institutions, who provide our students with valuable overseas study resources."

Since the Class of 2023 joined the BHI family, there has been an increase in comments on BHI's social media accounts. Every comment reflects the care and expectations of parents for their children. Here, I solemnly promise that all BHI faculty and staff will wholeheartedly serve the students and assist in their growth. We hope that students, when faced with questions or challenges, will reach out to their teachers as their first point of contact and engage in school management and self-management through student organizations. We encourage students to provide valuable feedback, as together, we will continue to enhance and improve BHI.

After joining BHI, students must be filled with anticipation for their future lives. As I introduced during the orientation, BHI has been striving for excellence for fifteen years, focusing on developing students' professional qualities and skills. At BHI, students not only learn how to conduct themselves but also learn how to excel in their professional endeavors. This is why our students are highly sought after in the industry, with a wide range of employment opportunities, high starting points, and excellent career development. Some of our alumni even choose entrepreneurship as their path. The future of our students is diverse, with numerous options available.

In terms of further studies abroad, BHI has established deep collaborations with more than 40 foreign universities, providing options for students who wish to study abroad. For employment, over 200 partner companies offer our students a broad platform. The esteemed managers present here today will be the best guides for BHI students on their career paths. Currently, BHI has partnered with nearly 30 leading companies in 10 major industries to establish collaborative industry-academic-research bases and promote management trainee programs. Last year, over 800 graduates from BHI, with more than 300 of them becoming management trainees in various industries.

After four years of study and training, students' service awareness, attitudes, and skills will be significantly enhanced. All the managers and directors present here are looking forward to your growth and transformation, and they are prepared to welcome you.

We hope that every BHI student and faculty member will have their own interests and hobbies. In BHI's more than 40 student clubs, you can find like-minded partners. Through your interests and hobbies, you can cultivate your sentiments, relieve stress, and remember to "Work hard, play harder!"

Wishing all the students a wonderful university life. Good luck!

Special thanks to.

This graduation ceremony received generous support and sponsorship from the following hotels, who provided valuable gifts for the BHI Opening Ceremony. Through on-site lucky draws, they have sent luck and blessings to everyone.


Welcome Party


The joint performance of "I Want to Sing to You" by faculty and student representatives marked the beginning of the 2023 "Hearts Set, A New Journey Begins" Welcome Party.

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Faculty and students presented a recitation of the poem "Hearts Set, A New Journey Begins."


BHI also organized a birthday celebration for the Class of 2023 students born in September.

The story of the Class of 2023 at 11 Tianyuan Road has begun.

May every BHI student who strives and runs toward their bright future...

...have a path filled with blossoms and a bright future ahead!

©2015 Beijing Hospitality Institute