Visiting enterprises and expanding positions | BHI faculties actively explore internship and employment bases for finance students

In 2023, BHI opened a new major in finance, which aims to cultivate applied financial talents who understand the hotel mergers and acquisitions and investment and financing related businesses in finance, are familiar with the domestic and foreign financial sector regulations, policies and guidelines, master the basic theories and skills in the relevant fields of finance, and have international vision, innovative spirit and communication skills. In order to open up the internship and employment channels for the students of this major in advance, the internship and employment guidance center contacted various financial enterprises and discussed the cooperation matters of internship and employment.

On September 14th, Ms. Wu Wen, a member of the office of the General Manager of the Beijing Branch of Ningbo Bank, along with 2023 alumni Qiao Yulong and Xia Xin, paid a return visit to BHI. They were warmly received by Shi Jingying, the Director of the Internship and Employment Guidance Center, and other members of the office.

       During the discussion, Shi Jingying first welcomed Ms. Wu Wen and the alumni on behalf of the college, expressing a desire for further cooperation. Ms. Wu Wen thanked BHI for providing a large number of talents for Ningbo Bank, noting that BHI alumni have performed excellently in their work, demonstrating outstanding professional abilities. She expressed the hope to recruit more outstanding talents from BHI in the future. Subsequently, both parties engaged in in-depth discussions on topics such as the philosophy and methods of talent development in the financial industry, internship and employment recruitment schedules, school-enterprise training, and expanding cooperation with clients. Both sides agreed that there is vast potential for development in school-enterprise cooperation, and the future looks promising.640.jpgGroup Photo

On September 19th, Shi Jingying, the Director of the Internship and Employment Guidance Center, and Employment Commissioner Wang Meiling visited the Beijing branch of Huafu Securities Limited. The visit was warmly received by Zhang Zhiyong, the General Manager of the Beijing branch, Lin Yihua, the head of the Comprehensive Department, Wang Xiaoxin, the Director of the Wealth Management Department, and Wang Jia from the Human Resources Department.

During the discussion, Zhang Zhiyong introduced the company's culture, business philosophy, and future development model. He expressed strong agreement with BHI's talent development program, emphasizing the importance of campus culture and professional competence. Both parties found their philosophies to be highly compatible. Zhang Zhiyong expressed the hope for future cooperation, including mutual cultural exchange between the university and the company, recruitment of management trainees, and collaborative projects such as financial knowledge public lectures.

This exchange visit enhanced BHI teachers' understanding of the financial industry, and both the university and the company are actively exploring diverse modes of cooperation.640.pngCorporate Roundtable Discussions and Visits640 (1).png

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On September 20th, Director Shi Jingying, Supervisor Wang Wentao, and Finance Professor Wang Baosen from the Internship and Employment Guidance Center visited the Beijing branch of Shanghai Securities and Guantong Futures Co., Ltd. During these visits, they discussed and negotiated matters related to student interactions, specialized courses, and cooperation in internship and employment recruitment.

The General Manager of Shanghai Securities Beijing branch, Fu Yinfeng, warmly invited BHI students to participate in a stock market simulation competition. The aim is to enhance students' awareness of financial security and improve their skills in simulated trading. This initiative is seen as a further step in integrating the collaboration between the university and the industry, with the shared goal of cultivating financial talents.

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At Guantong Futures Co., Deputy General Manager Zhao Xi expressed his views on industry experts participating in classroom activities. He emphasized that experts can provide on-site presentations about the history and current status of futures development, enhancing students' understanding of financial derivatives such as futures. This, in turn, lays a solid foundation for students entering the industry workforce in the future. The involvement of industry experts in the classroom setting contributes to a more practical and comprehensive education, preparing students for their future careers in the field.640 (3).pngGroup Photo

Through corporate visits and exploration, all members of the Internship and Employment Guidance Center have gained a fresh understanding of the development of the financial industry. The teachers now have ample confidence in establishing a broader internship and employment platform for students majoring in finance. This hands-on experience and exposure to the industry's dynamics have equipped them with valuable insights to better guide and support students in navigating their paths toward successful careers in the field of finance.

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