Seventh Year of BHI Volunteer Service | Join Us and Witness the Vibrancy of Beijing

China Open


On September 29th, the 2023 China Open officially commenced. BHI , as the exclusive high-end business service talent development base for the China Open, has been providing volunteer services for six consecutive years. This year marks the seventh year of collaboration between the two entities. Starting from September 26th, volunteers in various positions began their service to support the China Open.

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In 2023, the China Open opened positions for BHI students in departments such as concierge assistants, VIP room and presidential reception, concierge services, VIP ticket inspection, VIP spectator guidance, hotel reception assistants, and airport reception. The positions are more central, and the requirements for students are stricter. Before the start of the matches, BHI conducted professional training for the volunteers, allowing them to visit the venue for on-site inspection and preparation for their volunteer services.

Pre-match training

640 (9).jpgHotel reception assistant volunteers arrive at the hotel for training and inspection.

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Volunteers visit and learn at the National Tennis Center - Diamond Court.

640 (12).jpgVolunteers responsible for VIP Room and Presidential Reception receive training.

VolVolunteer service in progress.

640 (13).jpg640 (14).jpgAirport reception volunteers stationed at Beijing Capital International Airport and Daxing International Airport.

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Providing shuttle services for players.

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Concierge assistant volunteers take inventory of supplies.

Ensuring services for the Skyboxes at Diamond Court.

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VIP Room and Presidential Reception volunteers prepare for event reception.

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Concierge service volunteers provide services for guests in the Skyboxes at Diamond Court.

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VIP ticket inspection volunteers check tickets for guests in the Diamond Court boxes.

640 (31).jpg640 (32).jpg
VIP spectator guidance volunteers assist in guiding spectators to their seats in the Diamond Court boxes.

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BHIBHI students possess high professional qualities and strong vocational skills, consistently demonstrating outstanding performance in various international events and high-end conferences. This marks the seventh year of collaboration between BHI and the China Open. May both parties continue to work hand in hand to enhance China's reputation and professionalism in international professional events, continually optimizing high-end event volunteer service!

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