Know You . Know the World | Successful Launch of the Mentor System & International Study Tour Program Ceremony


On October 26th, the BHI  Mentor System & International Study tour Program Launch Ceremony took place in the banquet hall of the teaching hotel. Dr. Gao Songtao, the President of BHI , along with other department heads including Sun Qiao, the Minister of Enrollment Affairs, Xu Longyang, the Director of Teaching Affairs, Wang Shujiao, the Director of General Administration, Guo Ruihuan, the Director of Career Development, and Shao Chao, the Director of Student Affairs, attended the event. Teachers and students from the international study tour group, as well as students from the 2023 international courses in Hotel Management, Finance Management, and Financial Studies, also participated.


The event took the form of a product launch, introducing the upcoming international mentor system and international study tour projects to teachers and students."


Following that, Ma Xingdong, the Director of the International Education Office, introduced the background and purpose of the mentor system, emphasizing the role of mentors in students' academic and personal lives. Additionally, he shared some case studies of students who achieved outstanding results through studying abroad, helping BHI students better understand the importance and necessity of the mentor system."

4.jpgBHI  has been committed to creating an international teaching environment, integrating international education and cross-cultural communication throughout the entire teaching process. Seeing mountains and seas, seeing you and seeing the world. The event also showcased a short film reviewing the international study tour activities of BHI  from 2010 to 2019, demonstrating the rich experiences and achievements of previous students in international study tour projects.

The Director of the International Exchange Center, Hu Xiuying, provided a detailed introduction to the International Study tour Program, emphasizing its importance for students' academic and personal development. She encouraged all students to actively participate, stating that the program not only helps students better understand and respect diverse cultures but also enhances their cross-cultural communication skills, providing an opportunity for students to broaden their international perspectives.

The ceremony of presenting the study tour team flags was a crucial moment in the launch of the International Study Tour Program, marking the official start of the program in November 2023. Dr. Gao Songtao, the President of BHI, handed over the flags of the Swiss and British study tour teams to the teachers and students leading each team, expressing his support and best wishes for the study tour teams.

7.jpg8.jpgIn the end, teachers and students joined together to sing the theme song of the study tour project, 'Setting off for Study tour,' accompanied by cheerful and spirited singing. With that, the Mentor System & International Study Tour Program Launch Ceremony concluded.


BHI is always committed to providing students with an international platform for communication. The launch of the Mentor System & International Study Tour Program offers valuable growth opportunities for students. Best wishes to all students for a successful and fulfilling experience!

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